OLD - 360 is more than 1 - Think about your clients first

Allow your customers to zoom in to amazing detail and spin the products the way they desire. Give them more, sell more.

More taste, extra samples included, 20% bigger, up to 40% off, 20% now for free, flat rate shipping, discounted, pay 1 get 2, wider choice, new  flavours … What else have you tried to attract customers to click buy button on your product detail page?

Each of these only works for a certain type of a product. I’d be delighted to find an offer pay 1 get 2 when searching for my new car :-). So is there anything that works with shoes, groceries, handbags, jewellery, newest gadgets, clothes, washing machines, cars… Yes, there is!

Many customers feel the difference in online shopping against traditional stores is in missing the possibility to touch the product and to look at it from all angles, to check every detail of its design. And what do you offer them? Still pictures? How many? One? Two? Four? Give them more than a picture! Give them the impression they have your product in hands. Give them 360° or 3D spin photography. This is as realistic as possible, you can show all sides in an interactive and funny way. Customers can zoom in to amazing detail and spin it again the way they desire. Gain their confidence about the product. Give them more, sell more.