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Cloud-driven, workflow-based automated system for productive photography. Tailor-made to your vision, needs and budget. But what approach fits your needs best?

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Minimalistic and efficient setups (stationary or portable) suited for freelancers and small businesses in need of in-house yet professional photo shootings results, where tens to hundreds of items to be photographed in a row.


Typical job: Automated shooting

Affordable solutions, open to your creative ideas, that don't compromise the professional qualities of your results.
Efficient thanks to easy setup, automatic capturing, background removal and image processing, real-time backup and imagery export. Easy to repeat the previous (or similar) job with presets that include all settings for shooting and image-processing .

Fast delivery worldwide! You can choose self-installation and remote training (selected models) - or rely on the experienced PhotoRobot team.

Recommended setup:
Case | Cube | Turntable | Centreless Table

Recommended equipment:
PhotoRobot | Camera | Tripod | Lights | Computer | Controls Software


Professional setups with integrated studio management tools. Photographers or stylists (full or part-time) are responsible for visual quality, while operators process the volume.Designed for hundreds to thousands of items to be photographed in a row.


Typical job: Batch shooting

Prior to the shooting are same-or-similar items (size, transparency, reflection) grouped in batches, to minimize setup times. The production process is standardized and spread across multiple machines/workspaces. Supports product reception, weighing, measuring, automated publishing, QC and reporting.

Delivery, installation and staff training worldwide! Trusted customer support. High-level security.

Recommended setup:
Cube | Centreless Table | Turntable | Multicam | Robotic Arm | Carousel | Turning Platform | Catwalk | Frame

Recommended equipment:
PhotoRobot | One or more cameras | Lights | Computer | Controls Software


Complex setups for a mass-photo-production - combining standard and custom tools - engineered to perform with existing systems of the client. Designed for product portfolios hundreds of thousands of items wide.

Typical job: Bulk shooting

Location-independent, multi-studio solutions for mass shooting - where each machine is configured for a specific range of products. Diversity of products groups is covered by multiple workspaces to reach zero downtimes.No matter where or when the product has been photographed - the entire project is delivered on the fly from a single source.

Detailed project. Fast delivery, installation and staff training worldwide! Ongoing training and support services. Corporate-grade security.

Recommended setup:
Cube | Centreless Table | Turntable | Multicam | Robotic Arm | Turning PlatformCatwalk | Carousel 5000

Recommended equipment:
PhotoRobots | One or multiple cameras | Lights | Computers | Controls Software