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Our boutique offers stylish women's clothing and handbags. We pick original pieces from the collections of contemporary world-wide designers and each design is represented by just one piece. With the increase in online imagery of our frequently changing offerings.

Sending goods to the professional photographers did not come into consideration. External photographers were expensive and the preparation time for each photoshoot in our boutique was a big inconvinience in our workflow. And that was only the beginning of the list of problems...

We acquire very high-quality image documentation of the often changing assortment of our boutique in a quick and effective way.

automated solution

We sell women's clothing and handbags. Both categories require different approach to the photoshoot. PhotoRobot covered both solutions. We decided to use PhotoRobot _CUBE and PhotoRobot _CASE.

_CUBE provides the perfect outputs for the clothing - _CASE handles the handbags section. Our new fully automated photo studio was created right in the headquarters of the boutique.

absolut satisfaction

Both robots are portable and modular. _CASE is equipped with Bottom & Back Light Background. The Light-Dispersing Part distributes light from the back light source for an evenly lit background, without affecting foreground lighting. The Transparent 850mm Plate has a special background for backlight photography, the Reflective Part "catches" the light from the lower light source, directing it under the Transparent Plate.

the magic

Final output may be produced as a3D spin with ability to view objects from all sides to the finest details.