How many photos per product to take?

This post is not about productivity, but about the initial decision: how many images per spin is the right setup for your online solution?

With PhotoRobot gear and related software it is easy to capture, post process and publish more than 100 images of each product every minute. Aware of post processing costs? NO – all is automated and extremely fast! (the capturing time is usually around 20 seconds – the rest is for data transfers and image processing).

When it comes to 360-degree spin photography it’s a neverending battle between quality and production time/cost. Today when capturing and postprocessing is fully automated is the answer more strategic than technical. We hope our comparison figures will help you decide what number of images per spin suits your needs the best.

Less than 36 photographs per spin:
  • faster production time
  • faster upload to the cloud and loading for the viewing
  • cheaper hosting

  • the transition between frames is not smooth (especially for complex or big products)
  • might be missing some angles or detail important to customers
  • seems outdated compared to most of the current competition
More than 36 photographs per spin:
  • smooth transitions between frames
  • gives a genuine image of a product
  • gives more flexibility for other usages like print or web design

  • takes longer to produce
  • loads longer for viewing
  • hosting is more expensive if based on the data volume

Of course, it can also be a good idea to automatically also capture still images that will be used for product show – for classic e-shop galleries – or if you want to point some special details. Once the product is on the photography table and preset is correctly prepared, spin-and-still photographs are taken, post-processed and published online – all together – with only one click.

Contact PhotoRobot experts to help you to find the best setup for your super-effective production!

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