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Only sophisticated products will achieve success…


Because the competition
never sleeps

At our studio, we are the first people to use of our own products. Together with feedback from our customers, the experience helps us to continually improve on our systems and designs. This is how PhotoRobot stays one step ahead of the competition to save you time and money.

Competition never sleeps
Competition never sleeps

…development and high quality are our priorities

As a designer and manufacturer, we can guarantee that our robots are made according to the strict quality standards of heavy-duty design. At the same time, our R&D department also knows that it’s important to design an easy-to-use product for our end users.

Meet our team

Kamil Hrbacek


Karel Benicek

Account Manager

Martin Duracka

Director of Sales

Martin Richtermoc

Senior Technical Specialist

Honza Vojtek

Photography consultant

Petra Kuratkova

Head of Marketing

Lucie Illesova

Graphics consultant

Ota Sramek

Supply administrator

Stano Minar

SW development consultant

Pavel Maly

Production consultant

Petr Havel

SW development consultant

Petr Plachetka

Production consultant

Pavel Mracek

Technical specialist

Jan Sobotka

Technical specialist

Martin Olik

Junior technical specialist

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