Capture 360° spins and image galleries for 3D modeling as camera and background travel around products, even under the glass.

PhotoRobot FRAME in studio

A Truly Robust Solution

PhotoRobot’s Frame combines a motorized turntable with a robot camera arm to provide an all-in-one product photography solution. The turntable features an optical glass plate, enabling image capture from above or below the glass. Perfect for capturing image galleries for photogrammetry 3D modeling, the background and camera travel around the product. Capture entire image galleries, single or multi-row spin photography, and imagery necessary to produce 3D models in minutes!

Dual-Axis 360° Rotation

3D modeling is a breeze with PhotoRobot’s Frame. The 130cm diameter optical glass plate and diffuse background enable the lighting of products from all sides. This produces quality product photos on a pure white background, while consistent image capture ensures no clipping is required. It also means photographers can capture all the photos necessary to generate a 3D model in a single click! It even has dual axis 360° rotation to capture products from any angle quickly and accurately. With a load capacity of 20kg, it offers one of the largest workstations on the market. Capture products small to medium size, transparent, glossy, light or dark in impressive 360° and 3D formats.


All-in-one photography workspace

Photos, Spins, 3D

Perfectly position products for 360° spin photography and 3D modeling.


Built-in laser positioning, sensors and control units mean no cables on the ground.

Simple Calibration

Experience simple, automatic calibration of the positioning system at the touch of a button.

Easy Setup

Easily install in any available studio, warehouse space, or production hall.

PhotoRobot FRAME with white background - front view

Output Examples

Technical Specifications


Rest API
Built-in web interface
PhotoRobot _Controls (or 3rd party apps)


Plate Diameter
1300 mm / 51,2"
Minimum step
≤ 0.1°
Shortest Turning Time (0° – 360°)
4.5 s
Deviation per rotation
≤ 0.5°
Load bearing capacity
20 kg / 44,1 lbs
Table separate input power
750 W
Supply voltage
AC 115 / 230 V


Transport Weight
650 kg / 1433 lbs
Transport dimensions (W × D × H)
2050 × 1200 × 1500 mm/ 80.7" × 47.2" × 59.1"
360 kg / 794 lbs
Working dimensions (W × D × H)
1925 × 2150 × 2260 mm / 75.8" × 84.6" × 89"
Glass plate dimensions
1300 mm / 51.2"
Working Area (W × D × H)
3 × 4 × 2.5 m / 9.8 × 13 × 8.2 ft
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