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PhotoRobot creates automatically still shots galleries according to the GS1 standards
Still Image Galleries, GS1 Standard
PhotoRobot outputs cover 360° spins, still images or real 3D models for Augmented Reality
360° Spins & 3D Models for AR / VR
PhotoRobot creates in parallel with photography also texts using OCR, weighing and measuring of photographed objects
OCR, Weight & Dimensions
PhotoRobot entire set of images created with one click only

Double the Productivity

Streamline the content production process with PhotoRobot. Save up to 240 minutes every working day / shift, all with the consistency of output our clients have come to expect.

Since 2005, we have seen thousands of PhotoRobot product photography installations across six continents. Our solutions are being deployed by big name brands as well as small companies.

PhotoRobot paves the way for our clients to automate content creation so they can focus more on their core business.

Dramatic Savings in Post-Processing

Drastically simplify product photography post-processing with PhotoRobot “presets”. Thanks to these preset configurations, you can designate an automated process for different groups and categories of products. 

Automate which images (angles and details) to photograph, lighting setups, background removal, cropping, color enhancement and much more. PhotoRobot records these tasks and automatically applies your settings to the capture process, while likewise saving settings as presets for future use.

While a production takt time of 1 minute is becoming the new standard, competing systems might only offer 8 images per minute. With PhotoRobot, you can capture 100+ images in that 1 minute, getting far more from our solutions than the competition.

PhotoRobot - your big plus - orange
PhotoRobot FRAME - diagonal view

Robust Hardware

PhotoRobot hardware is built to last for long-term, 24/7 product photography operations. We understand the value of reliability as well as the need to keep uptime as close to 100% as possible. That’s why when it comes to hardware, we always prefer designs for maximum ROI as opposed to merely saving money.

Single-Source Solution

We design, develop, produce and install systems for automated product photography.

Worldwide since 2005.


Receive global support, training, service, and hassle-free communication with PhotoRobot’s team of technical strategists. No matter if it’s for a first-time installation or continued support, the PhotoRobot team is always just a message away.

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