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Universal solution for 360° photography and heavy objects

PhotoRobot heavy duty robotic table with photographed car engine


The Robotic_Turntable is a universal motorized turntable for heavy objects, enabling 360° product photography for objects weighing up to 200kg. Its turntable supports small yet heavy products like machinery and tools, engines, automotive parts, milling machines and other heavy objects. Combine the Robotic_Turntable with any Robotic Camera Arm to easily and comfortably produce 360 and 3D product photography in-house.

PhotoRobot HeavyDuty rotary table with a test load


Integrated mounts for lighting and cabling through the interior of the Robotic_Turntable’s frame ensure freedom of movement around the machine. Meanwhile, remotely controlled lights along with automated turntable rotation, image capture and post-processing enable extremely effective photoshoots. Streamline the capture of still image galleries, 360 / 3D imagery, product videos and photos for 3D modeling.


Heavy Duty

High load bearing capacity of 200kg and wear resistance

Always Centered

Easy positioning of the object to the centre of rotation using laser locating

Picture Perfect

Robust plate made from opaque material with overhang over the table edge for photos at zero angle. No retouching necessary.

In sync

Can be used with Cube for synchronised rotation, with a partially suspended product

PhotoRobot Turntable with an integrated accessory frame

Output examples

technical specifications

40 kg load capacity

200 kg load capacity

Control Software Connection
LAN, Wi-Fi
Compatible Cameras
Canon, Nikon, Other
With cross or grid option
Flash or constant


40 kg load capacity

200 kg load capacity

Minimum step

Shortest turning time (0–360)
5 s
Inaccuracy per rotation
less than 1 mm / 0.03 inch
Load bearing capacity
40 kg / 88 lbs
200 kg / 441 lbs
Table separate input power
500 W
Transport weight
183 kg
190 kg


40 kg load capacity

200 kg load capacity

Transport Dimensions (H × W × D)
860 × 1 690 × 1 170 mm
Table + Portal (H × W × D)
2 100 × 1 690 × 1 120 mm
Table + Portal + Robotic Arm (H × W × D)
2 100 × 2 500 × 1 620 mm
Table + Portal + Robotic Arm + Light Mounts
(H × W × D)
2 100 × 4 700 × 2 500 mm
request your configuration


Forget looking for a compromise between quality and efficiency. Achieve perfect results with small, large, transparent or glossy plates. This allows you to capture images of anything, from a ring to a suitcase.

Download PDF

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