The Carousel 5000 is PhotoRobot’s heavy-duty turntable for product photography automation of large and heavy products.

PhotoRobot CAROUSEL - machine for automated car photography

A Heavy-Duty Turntable

Install the Carousel 5000 motorized, rotating platform in a warehouse or showroom floor for product photography of exceptionally large objects. Its 4,000 kg load capacity and 5 meter plate diameter supports objects like furniture, cars, and heavy machinery. Meanwhile, the turntable plate’s low profile makes it easy to place products on the device in a matter of seconds. There is no need for an access ramp or even a crane! It’s literally as easy as parking your car.

PhotoRobot CAROUSEL - built-in the floor - gears detail

Versatile, Robust & Precise

The Carousel 5000 platform is exceptionally resistant and robust, yet precise in design. It enables studios to photograph 60+ cars in a single day, and is available in two models. One is easy to install on top of any existing floor space. The other recesses into a studio or showroom floor for easy loading on and off the turntable. In this way, you simply park cars on the rotating platform for a photoshoot, and drive off afterwards. Great for when constructing a new studio, the Carousel 5000 becomes a natural part of any studio floor.


Easy to Keep Clean

Grooves along the rotating plate’s perimeter allow air-driven dirt and dust removal.

Built for the Long-Term

Benefit from long-term, maintenance-free operation thanks to quality design materials. 

Easily Replaceable

The turntable plate’s flooring material is easily replaceable during higher workloads and wear.

Output Examples

Technical Specifications


REST API Docummentation
Minimum step
Inaccuracy per rotation
Less than 1 mm / 0.03"
Load bearing capacity
4 000 kg / 8 818 lbs (when evenly distributed)
Supply voltage
AC 115 / 230 V


Transport dimensions (HxWxD)
3 × EU pallet with overhanging length of max. 1 200 mm
Dia. 5 640 mm / 47.3" × dia. 222.1" / Length from edge of front ramp to motor 6 825 mm / 268.7"
Transport weight
1 560 kg / 3 439 lbs
1 500 kg / 3 306 lbs
Recommended room space
Width min. 7 m, depth min. 10 m, height min. 3 m / width 22'11", depth 32'10", height 9'10"
Dimension of plate with access ramps
Dia. 5 640 mm / dia. 222.1"
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