GS1 Image Standards

Produce product content that meets GS1 image capture standards

Image Capture Standards

Mass produce product imagery that meets GS1 image standards in parallel with all 360° spins you capture with PhotoRobot solutions.

GS1 image standards exist for businesses around the world to identify, capture, and share data about products, locations, and more. These practices ensure consumers have readily available access to accurate, relevant, and transparent product information. In the context of digitized supply chains, they provide visibility and traceability superior to spreadsheet or ERP-dependent supply chains.

PhotoRobot image capture solutions allow for mass production of GS1 images in parallel with 360° spins. Produce product imagery that meets GS1 standards, engages consumers, and drives conversions across multiple channels. PhotoRobot captures the product, and our software extracts GS1 images, organizes files into a separate folder, and publishes marketing images or planograms.

Compliant and Effective Product Photography

GS1 Image Standards Compliant

Capture and create imagery compliant with the GS1 Standards Initiative in your country

Automated File Delivery and Reduced Time-to-Web

Format, upload, organize, and deliver ready-made images to the Web in only a few clicks with control and automation software

Complete Data Capture

Produce all necessary product imagery along with product information, including weights, dimensions, ingredients, nutritional and on-package data

Full Digital Asset Management

Bring order to your images and your products with reliable and searchable storage for all your product images

GS1 Compliant Imagery for ‘Online Retail’

PhotoRobot provides brands and retailers of any size with solutions to capture GS1 compliant images in parallel with 360° spins. Create a more engaging product experience while also ensuring consumers have accurate, relevant, and transparent product information. Our automation software ensures you capture the product and all necessary imagery, including weights, dimensions, ingredients, and nutritional & on-package data. Work with images locally or in the Cloud to review, retouch, post process, and share.

Digital Marketing

In Foodservice and Consumer Packaged Goods

GS1 standards create an entirely new frontier in digital marketing of consumer packaged goods, fresh foods, and foodservice. They improve efficiency, traceability, and food safety overall. This is of great importance especially in today’s digital world.

In fact, it’s never been more important that consumers have high-quality, informational, and GS1 compliant product images. Ensure consumers are not only engaged but also accurately informed through your product photography.

Producing the Standard GS1 Compliant Food Package

  • Marketing angle of a closed package, including pertinent information such as barcode and description
  • Angle for marketing of an open package, showing the contents inside the container
  • Marketing angle displaying the bag inside the container, showing both the loose and packaged product
  • Product image showing the bottom level of the packaging

Enrich the Overall Product Experience with Spin 360° Photography

The numbers suggest that brands and retailers who use 360° product imagery boost online conversions by up to 50%.

360-degree product photography bolsters buyer’s confidence by providing consumers with accurate and relevant product information. It also makes companies appear more professional overall, and is an ideal solution for eCommerce and digital marketing.

  • Scale product content quickly and effectively
  • Boost eCommerce conversion rates
  • Reduce overall product returns 
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • Improve B2B sales presentations

Leveraging 360° Product Photography on Amazon and E-Commerce Marketplaces

Drive sales across multiple channels including e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify with 360-degree product content. Interactive product spins immerse consumers in the product experience on desktop and on mobile.

360° product photography particularly enhances the mobile shopping experience. Images can format smoothly to display on smartphone screens for consumers to manipulate, pinch, spin, and zoom into high-resolution details.

For brands and retailers, attain more visibility and potential buyers. The more visually-rich and informative the product imagery, the more likely it is recommended to shoppers using image search features.

Product Photography

Solutions by Photographers for Photographers

Whether it’s a small webshop or an industrial-volume photography warehouse, PhotoRobot designs solutions to meet the needs of any size operation. Discover our line of robots to ensure your product showcases not only meet but surpass industry standards while adhering to GS1 image requirements.

Our systems and control software streamline product photography workflows for any product, from items as small as microchips to automobiles and heavy machinery. Contact us today to find a solution that works for you.