PhotoRobot’s Light, Fast and Free Online Image Viewer

PhotoRobot’s online image viewer is part of our hosting services and comes at no extra cost. Its design provides a light, fast and user-friendly experience, perfect for integrating directly into your e-store or website.

An Effective Online Product Image Viewer

With our 3D / 360 product viewer software, there are several ways to get your imagery published, captured and processed automatically through PhotoRobot systems.

One way to do this is by downloading the content  from the cloud via a free download utility, which manages the connection and gets your images to your local drive quickly regardless of the line quality.

Alternatively, you can use XML or JSON feeds (password protected if required) from a global CDN where the images are stored. A great advantage to this is that these feeds are dynamic, meaning when the first object is captured and ready to go, it is immediately included into this feed, without the need for any user input or additional steps on your part. 

Then, with every single feed, you can add the latest imagery to your web in an instant - allowing your webpage to make money for you long before the complete batch for the photoshoot is finished!

How to integrate the online image viewer with your webpage

Integrating our free online image viewer directly to your webpage can be done in just a few lines of code. Simply input the code into your iFrame, and you’ll be ready to get all the benefits of this single-source solution. 

And now to the point - why is this viewer lightning fast? This is because we use a WebP file format -  introduced by Google in 2010 - which drastically reduces the size of data downloaded to the viewer (compared to very well-compressed JPG files).

In principle, we store in our cloud all original files as PNG with zero quality loss. Where it is possible (and Google technologies are part of the whole chain), we convert images on the fly to WebP and enjoy the advantages of smaller file sizes and their related speed of delivery. Wherever it is not possible (for example with iOS-based devices), we still rely on JPG or PNG (for images with transparent background). Fortunately, however, you do not need to worry about all of these technical details, as everything is taken care of in milliseconds - natively by the system.

For more information about PhotoRobot Solutions

Contact PhotoRobot experts to help you find the best setup for your zero-friction integration! You will be surprised how easy it is to integrate the system and simply forget about it.

We have detailed documentation for your IT team and our support specialists ready to guide you to meet your targets in minutes!