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3D Model Photography

Easily create a 3D model from photos with PhotoRobot software integration of product photography equipment, cameras, lights, post-processing, and photogrammetry.

3D spin time-to-web
Produce a multi-row 360 spin and photos to make a 3D model in minutes.
capture, post-process, publish
Automate capture, post-processing, and photogrammetry 3D rendering.
for web-ready 3D visuals
Post-process automatically – remove background, enhance, and optimize.

Virtual 3D Product Visualization

PhotoRobot can produce a 3D object model in tandem with multi-row 360 spins. Production is even faster when using a Robot Arm or Multi-Camera system with a 360 turntable. 3D models render as a USDZ file readable in 3D product visualization software, augmented / virtual reality, or for 3D printing.

Digitize complex, configurable or customizable products in full 3D
Optimize for eCommerce, 3D product visualization, and AR / VR software
Create 3D object models for museum collections, academia and research

Ready to Level Up Your Business’ Product Photography?

Request a custom demo to see how PhotoRobot can accelerate, simplify, and enhance your business’ product photography today. Just share your project, and we’ll build your unique solution to test, configure, and judge by the production speeds.