Image Editing Tools

Advanced tools with unique features for Spin and 3D photography

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Cloud Processing

Thanks to Nvidia Tesla K80 GPUs, our cloud-based photo editing software can edit hundreds of images per second. Simply press “Apply to All” and the software applies edits and delivers results for final review. There is no limitation on image resolution, with even 50MP cameras (8688 x 5792 pixels) fully supported.

Work with all Images at Once

Among our software’s functions unique to PhotoRobot is the ability to deploy editing tools across all images simultaneously. To achieve this, we use the latest web standards to access your GPU directly. Apply edits, and then start or pause a product animation to review all effects and edits in real-time.


Automatic Presets

Save all editing parameters as presets to use automatically and immediately after the robot finishes a capture sequence. Automate output for similar types of products, and with one click of the Play Button gain your production output. In this way, PhotoRobot is truly unique, providing a solution for every aspect of the photoshoot for completely automated production.

Aspect Ratio and Padding

Save considerable time and effort with aspect ratio and padding for all your product images. Specify the ratio of width to height, and how much padding to apply on all sides of product images. For even more savings, combine the aspect ratio and padding function with AutoCrop. Then, save all settings as presets for editing similar images in the future. 

Unique to PhotoRobot


Remove product tilt and wobble from spinsets and animations with automatic object centering. This is another feature unique to only PhotoRobot software, with precise calculation and correction for misplaced products. Simply select 3 images from a series, and our algorithms will automatically center products in photos across the entire item folder.

Edit Anything

Highlight White

Detect white areas in your images with our ‘highlight white’ editing tool. Identify the correct threshold for by-level background removal, and apply across images. Correct exposure, and ensure image backgrounds remain consistent with the rest of your product pages.

Chroma Key

Remove parts from the scene such as mannequin poles, nylon ropes, clamps, holders and more with chroma key operations. Save operations in configurable presets, and then automate the process across similar types of items for saving time over the long-term.

Brush / Eraser

Remove any part of an image with a built-in brush tool. Set size and edge effect for more precision. Retouch an individual photo, and apply changes to all images. If not ideal, like when removing dust from a scene, it’s also easy to enter images individually for a quick, final retouching.