Digital Asset Management

Manage, store, secure, access, search & share all digital assets from anywhere, anytime with cloud-based, software-driven digital asset management (DAM).

Unlimited secure storage

Unlimited and Reliable Storage for ALL Your Product Content

Take advantage of multi-regional deployment with disaster recovery. All data is stored in ISO 27001 and secured via Google Cloud, with access only via TLS-encryption. Regular audits ensure the highest levels of security possible by today’s industry standards.

Disaster Recovery

Multi-regional, geo-redundant storage utilizes Cloud technology to store data redundantly in at least two geographic locations for reliable disaster recovery. Storage locations are always at least 100 miles apart within the multi-regional location bucket. Geo-redundancy occurs asynchronously, but multi-regional storage data is redundant within at least one geographic location immediately on upload. This means it is also instantly accessible worldwide, just as with all Cloud storage data.

Asset Organization

Organize assets into Projects, Items and Folders. Support for multiple types of assets include still images, image galleries, single-row and multi-row 360° Spins, and photogrammetry 3D models. There is full support for JPEG, PNG, WebP, as well as RAW files, camera downloads, and naming conventions.

Full-Text Search

Easily navigate between Projects, Items, Folders, Clients & Users, with expanded, conditional search queries for Items & Item Statuses. Team members can easily find tasks they’re responsible for, progress on photoshoots, items for editing, review and more.

Bulk Operations

Perform actions across multiple items at once thanks to Cloud processing. Bulk operations run in the background, meaning all editing parameters can be applied while photographing additional products. Usually, an entire batch of images takes approximately 1 minute to post-process, although times vary depending on the complexity of operations. Nonetheless, neither speed nor productivity is compromised, ensuring optimal studio workflow.


Collaborate Freely & Effectively

Attach comments to individual items & folders to communicate progress or additional information to internal or external team members. All comments attached locally will be immediately visible in the Cloud, and vice-versa. Get product information, details or instructions all on a single page for effective collaboration.

Approval Process

An integrated approval process within the application makes review & approval possible for both internal and external team members or clients. Studio managers and quality assurance teams can approve work internally. Meanwhile, all external parties need are log-in permissions for easy access of data and external approval. 

Grant Access to Clients

Grant clients access to digital assets in just a few simple clicks. Check “Allow Login”, enter a password, and clients will see completed tasks when items or folders are set to “Verified”. Clients can then approve or reject changes, or attach feedback and instructions for additional retouching.

Photographer Page

Ensure photographers / accounts have all their assignments, projects and items readily available thanks to individual photographer account pages. These provide a quick overview of projects, with easy search & navigation as well as item statuses to communicate workflows & completed production.


Import any type of data via the CSV import tool. Import shooting lists, customize structure with column tags, and find support for various properties.


Easily integrate with e-commerce export feeds. JSON and XML formats are available on the level of the project, organization or client. Meanwhile, all items are in computer-readable format. Set properties such as: Name, ID, SKU, Status, Timestamp & more.

Bulk Image Export

Fetch images in required quality, filename structure, format and resolution within the application or via a standalone export utility. All it takes is a single click by a user or client to download the latest images on their site.