Digital Asset Management

Organize and share your images

Unlimited secure storage

Unlimited and Reliable storage for ALL your images.

Multi-regional deployment with disaster recovery. All data stored in ISO 27001 secure Google cloud platform and accessed by TLS-encrypted connections only. Regular audits performed to maintain the best possible security in the industry.

Disaster Recovery

Our Multi-Regional Storage is geo-redundant, which means Cloud Storage stores your data redundantly in at least two geographic places separated by at least 100 miles within the multi-regional location of the bucket. Geo-redundancy occurs asynchronously, but Multi-Regional Storage data is redundant within at least one geographic place as soon as you upload it. Like all Cloud Storage data, it is also immediately accessible worldwide.


Approval Process

The approval process is integrated and handled directly in the application. Internal or external – your choice. A client with login permissions can do the Approval externally – Managers or quality control staff can Approve items internally


You can import any kind of data by using the CSV import tool.