About PhotoRobot: Packaging and Distribution

At PhotoRobot, we take extreme care with the packaging and distribution of our hardware and accessories to ensure that all orders are delivered to clients in perfect condition. Read on to learn about the careful measures we take to eliminate the risk of damage to products in transportation to destinations all over the world.

PhotoRobot: Packaging and Distribution as a Top Priority

When shipping heavy machinery around the globe, the packaging is extremely crucial to protect products in transit. This is especially true when dealing with heavy machines of different size, shape and weight, as is the case with the shipping needs at PhotoRobot.

Our robots are not the traditional all-in-one, one-size-fits-all box solutions for product photography, so before we began operations, the first aspects we had to consider were packaging and distribution. It’s not like shipping many products of similar size and shape. We had to carefully plan the best means to transport a wide range of customisable photography solutions that include different machinery, hardware and accessories specified to the needs of each individual client. 

For us, this meant the challenge was in finding a way to ship robots of many different sizes, shapes and weights to clients, while also mitigating any risk of the products experiencing damage along the way. In the end, we designed our robots to fit inside shipping containers with suitable strength to withstand the shipment, storage and handling needs of the equipment.

Packaging, distribution, and unloading PhotoRobot shipping containers

In the video below, you can see just how easy it is to unload one of our shipping containers full of robots. Snap36, a former distributor in the US (now 1WorldSync), demonstrates.

Notice how much equipment can be easily and safely stored and shipped in each container. You can also note that each table includes reusable, protective framing, and all containers have integrated accessory holders to fasten objects in place for transport.

From product conceptualisation, to photoshoots, packaging and dispatch

At PhotoRobot, we firmly believe that creativity is not only demanded in product photography but rather in everything from the very beginning of the product concept to the end-result of packaging and dispatch. If you want to learn more, please reach out to us for a consultation on PhotoRobot photography solutions and how you can improve your studio workflow, throughput, and, ultimately, revenue and conversions in e-commerce.