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Product Photography and Robotic Process Automation

Combining traditional product photography and robotic process automation, PhotoRobot streamlines photoshoots, post processing, asset management and more.

The PhotoRobot Approach: Creativity and Automation

Online shoppers of today have everything at their fingertips. The leading retailer and distributor platforms not only transport the store to the consumer but they also replicate the in-store shopping experience with visually rich 360 / 3D product imagery. Almost every seller’s website comes standard with appealing media content, spin photography, and imagery with flawless zoom capabilities. 

This is where PhotoRobot comes into play. We know that the real challenge for today’s competitive online stores is in executing photoshoots in the most timely fashion possible. This means providing photographers with the perfect tools for the job, from the hardware to the prop assistance, to the software, controls, and tools for data management. 

PhotoRobot robots and accessories have been designed to work with photographers to shoot products of any size, shape, or transparency; while our software helps automate repeatable tasks and save photographers time before, during, and after the photoshoot. Whether the product is as small and intricate as a microchip, as large as a car, or as reflective as a diamond engagement ring, PhotoRobot solutions are built to streamline the shooting process, as well as to record data, distribute it, and upload all imagery to the web with a few clicks of the mouse.

Professional product photography equipment

A robot for any product photography: no matter the size, shape, or transparency

Our photography robots are designed to help photographers capture consistent and effective product imagery, whether it's still shots, 360 product photography, or 3D modeling. To meet the demands of our clients, our catalogue of hardware solutions has something for every project, no matter the scale or what the product might be. 

These robots can be used standalone or in combination with other robots, all depending on the needs of the client and the capacity of the photography studio. We have designed tools like the MULTICAM for capturing 3D and multi-row images in a single spin, the CENTERLESS TABLE for shadow-free product photography, and, among others, the CAROUSEL for photographing exceptionally large objects like cars, machinery and furniture.

Ultimately, the primary goal at PhotoRobot is to provide photographers with flexible and high-functionality tools they need to complement their own strategies and creativity. Also connected to this, we have placed a lot of consideration into not only the hardware and software solutions photographers need but also how to improve studio workflow and run an ecommerce business with lower costs, higher sales, and consistent product photography.

Automated photo editing software

Automate repeatable actions, store and report data, and quickly manage image post processing

Beyond hardware, another consideration we had at PhotoRobot was how to make photographers’ lives easier through software and automation. Thanks to today’s technology, automation is becoming more and more affordable, and this is of considerable advantage to product photography studios.

It’s now possible to automate many repeatable actions, such as hardware configurations, camera shutter and triggering, light controls and more. This can be of particular benefit to photography studios where they often shoot similar types of products, in which a universal approach can be applied to each photoshoot. 

Another way PhotoRobot software is designed to save time and money is through data reporting and management, making it easy to store, sort and manage image files, as well as to upload and distribute files quickly and easily to your e-commerce website, the cloud, or distributor and retailer channels. 

Then, to make life even easier on the photographer, PhotoRobot software is also designed to automate image post processing. This can be, for example, to eliminate unwanted shadows from photos, to create a clean white background, or to remove a pole from a mannequin torso when shooting clothing. Photo alterations like this can be one of the most time-consuming parts of photo shoots, but, thanks to automation, it no longer has to be this way.

Learn more about PhotoRobot product photography solutions

At PhotoRobot, we know there are a wide range of components that need to work seamlessly together to successfully manage a product photography studio. Whether it’s utilizing the best data processes, top-of-the-line technology or cross-functional team integration, every part of the process is just as crucial as the next when it comes to improving studio workflow. 

If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact us and request a consultation on how PhotoRobot can answer your photography needs and improve your photography studio.