Installation of PhotoRobot’s Carousel 5000 at Stellantis

See a partner’s recent installation of PhotoRobot’s Carousel 5000, our heavy-duty turntable solution for photography of cars and heavy machinery.

The Carousel 5000 - PhotoRobot in Action at Stellantis

Today, we’d like to share a recent Carousel 5000 car turntable installation at Stellantis. Courtesy of a partner in France, PixMyCar, the installation shows how the Carousel performs in the photo studio.

The Carousel is a heavy-duty, motorized turntable designed for 360 product photography of exceptionally large objects like cars and heavy machinery. The design provides convenience and durability, able to transform a small space into a compact workstation with a high-capacity turntable.

PixMyCar set up their Carousel installation to showcase how effective it is in the studio. The Carousel has a load capacity of 4,000 kg (8,800+ lb) and a diameter up to 5 m. Its rotating platform can support everything from cars and garden tractors to small boats or furniture. 

The turntable’s low profile makes it as easy to place any car on location in seconds. It’s literally just parking the vehicle. PhotoRobot software then provides control over everything, from turntable rotation to cameras, post processing and publishing to the web.

Join us to see the Carousel installation at Stellantis, and discover more about product photography with PhotoRobot.

PixMyCar 360° at Stellantis - Showcasing the Carousel 5000

Have a look below at photos from the PixMyCar 360° installation at Stellantis. Starting first with the photo booth:

Car product photography booth

Notice how little space is necessary to create the workstation. The Carousel can be installed in approximately 6 hours, and allows for high-volume car turntable photography. Photograph up to 60 vehicles per day of all types thanks to this installation. 

Easy parking on product photography platform

Simply drive a car onto the ramp, prep the scene with air-driven dirt removal over the turntable’s surface, and begin the photoshoot. The drive-up ramp is only 78 mm tall, making it easy to drive a car onto the turntable from any side of the ramp. It also ensures that preparation and photography are extremely quick and uncomplicated.

Taking 360-degree photography on platform

Notice the camera setup. All photos captured can be used as 360° spins without limitations regarding resolution or zoom. Use 360-degree photos produced on the Carousel individually for both online or print publication.

Photography user interface centering car

PhotoRobot_Controls provides precise control over turntable rotation, camera capture, image processing, and publishing to the web. All on a single, easy-to-use interface, with configurable settings you can save and reuse again and again.

Automobile warehouse

Install the Carousel 5000 for higher-volume photoshooting of automobiles. A Carousel installation makes it possible to photograph up to 60 vehicles in a single day.

Easy Clean-up Before, During, and After Photoshoots

We designed the Carousel with small grooves for dirt collection along the entire perimeter of the turntable. The design makes it easy to ensure the scene is perfect for 360-degree photography.

Technical specifications of photography platform

The same airflow that cools the machine and its controller continuously cleans the collection grooves. Doing this, we minimize the need for cleaning and prolonging service intervals.

Simply drive onto the ramp, prep the scene with air-driven dirt removal over the turntable’s surface, and begin the photoshoot. The drive-up ramp is extremely short, ensuring that photoshooting, as well as preparation of the vehicle, is quick and uncomplicated.

Extremely Durable and Easy to Maintain

The Carousel 5000 is built to last, offering a heavy-duty solution with hassle-free equipment for long-term operations. We use only the most durable materials for the Carousel, aiming for uncompromising quality of manufacturing.

High load capacity and rotation for 360 photos

The robust design owes thanks to the latest laser burning technologies and CNC machining. It places great emphasis on resistance to dirt, wear, and mechanical damage. 

Its massive central bearing unit only requires tension adjustment and lubrication once every 18 months. The drive and control units as well as the flooring material are all accessible for easy service or replacement.

Trouble-free Service and Replacement

The Carousel’s drive and control units, as well as the flooring material are easily replaceable when the need arises. At high work loads, this will eventually occur. Both the drive and control units are outside of the machine, making service and replacement easy at any time. The flooring material is also just as easy to replace if it suffers wear and tear. Simply remove and replace.

Easy service photography platform

For 360 Photography or Showroom Floors

There are two versions of the Carousel. One installs on top of the existing surface in the workspace. The other installs directly into a studio floor. When in the floor, the Carousel becomes near invisible, with the motor safely outside of the turntable plate. This reduces the need for post production of photographs to an absolute minimum, and quicker production times overall.

Drive-up ramp for 360 photography and showrooms

High Quality is Top Priority

Product photography in today’s world demands cutting-edge equipment, software, and automation. The goal is to save on costs and effort without compromising quality. This is true for 360 photography of cars and heavy equipment, and even more so for large-scale photography operations.

360 spin image top-view convertible

At PhotoRobot, we design solutions like the Carousel 5000 to make 360 product photography easier, safer and more productive. With the Carousel specifically, we designed it to be exceptionally durable, using only the strongest materials so that it can last longer for industrial-scale usage. 

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