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High-Speed, High-Quality Photos and Advanced Image Processing

More than just fast, PhotoRobot also provides advanced image processing features great for shooting challenging items like reflective or transparent products. With complicated objects like these, it’s better to reduce the speed and focus on high quality. When such a need arises, PhotoRobot puts our renown “high-speed shooting” aside and returns instead to the oldschool start-stop-capture mode. Then, at every stop, we automatically take several images under different light conditions and combine them to create perfect results.

PhotoRobot's High-Speed Shooting and Advanced Image Processing

While most known for high-speed, high-quality product photography, PhotoRobot also has advanced image processing features for shooting challenging products like reflective or transparent items. These features come from how we utilize lighting, the turntable and its rotation, automated camera positioning and PhotoRobot image processing software.

With PhotoRobot’s capability to check the position of the photographed object 1000 times per second, it’s easy to capture each image without stopping the rotation of the turntable. Instead, what we do is we freeze the object’s movement with a flash, and this leads to a noticeable and significant reduction in the time for individual photoshoots. In this way, the capturing process usually takes, at most, 20 seconds.

Manufacturers who only work with continuous lighting are likely to give you a very long explanation on why you don’t need strobe lighting (which is not always true) and then offer you a generous discount, and while this is good to know if you want to save money, you might be doing so at the cost of long-term profitability.

Broncolor photography lighting

Powerful algorithms for image assembly

No matter if you’re utilizing continuous or strobe lights, PhotoRobot supports both from various manufacturers and provides advanced image processing features with powerful algorithms for image assembly. Today, to provide an example, we will slow down the capturing speed to a speed almost as slow as other techniques so that the capturing speed itself is of no consequence. The difference will be found in the power of the algorithms running in the background.

What’s the trick, you ask?

With these algorithms, a final image is assembled from 2 (or more) images captured under different lighting conditions. Automatically controlled lights change their intensity, or can be switched off completely to capture the different images. 

One of these resulting images is then used only to recognize the shape of the object. Then, the rest of the object’s details are extracted from the other image, which is the one in regular lighting conditions. In this way, the final image from the collected photos is both rich in detail and perfect in shape.

Finally, the masking image can be set to transparent as well. This allows you control over object transparency during image post processing (which is also heavily automated, just as clients have come to expect from PhotoRobot solutions).

Product photography studio setup

Impressively quick image processing

It really can be impressive to see in live action, as the first images are processed even before the next angle of the object is captured. This means that in the end, as soon as the machine stops moving, the ready-made output is ready for you on the screen. Moreover, it’s already online and ready to be published via hyperlink! 

For other challenging items to shoot, there are many other techniques integrated into the PhotoRobot_controls software suite. For more information on these, search our blog for more on: Chromakey-masking or Focus Stacking.

Italian leather handbag product photo

And the benefits don’t end there

What’s more, these advanced image processing features come along with all the other benefits of PhotoRobot solutions. These include capabilities such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of text preset within images, auto cropping, centering and all the other functions that are bundled together into the PhotoRobot_controls software package, with the most expensive license costing less than €5 per user per day.

To learn more, feel free to dive into our blog or reach out to our technical specialists to learn all about our PhotoRobots, automation solutions, and advanced image processing features.