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Equipment for 360 and 3D Product Photography

PhotoRobot equipment for 360 and 3D product photography provides cutting-edge technological solutions to meet the needs of any e-commerce project. Fully automate an in-house product photography studio or simply find the right tools to capture photos for a smaller webshop or online retail. With PhotoRobot’s versatile equipment, lighting setups and automation software, companies can quickly capture perfect photography for products of any size, streamline the process of uploading 360 and 3D imagery to the web, and improve overall workflow by automating robotic tasks and post image processing.

Equipment, Accessories and Software for 360 and 3D Product Photography

In 360 and 3D product photography, there are many moving parts including the equipment and the software for capturing, editing, and publishing photos to the web. 

From creating the perfect lighting for 360 photography to ensuring optimal studio workflow, oftentimes with larger projects the goal is to create more content in less time and with less effort. For smaller to medium size ventures in online retail, while the goals are similar, there’s more focus on consistency and quality in 360 or 3D imagery.

PhotoRobot’s automation-driven hardware for eCommerce product photography answer all of these concerns to meet the project needs for any size studio or production hall. Whether it’s for fashion, home and furniture, perhaps jewelry, shooting eyewear, or even car turntable photography, PhotoRobot equipment provides solutions for any 360 or 3D product photography.

Equipment for 360 and 3D fashion product photography

Female mannequin on 360-degree rotating device.

Take PhotoRobot’s Cube and mannequin for example. This piece of equipment makes it easy to capture and process 360 and 3D photography of apparel and fashion products, as well as to quickly publish the polished results to the web. The Cube is also designed with speed and workflow in mind. It boasts a system for ghost mannequin photography and quick mannequin exchange. Stylists can prepare separate mannequins off to the side and quickly mount them onto the Cube when ready. 

Photographing shoes for 360 and 3D product photography

White high-top sneaker rotating on photo turntable.

For footwear or in combination with the Cube, PhotoRobot clients have realized great results with the MultiCam. This multi-camera system (supporting up to 13 cameras) simultaneously captures 3D and 360° multi-row images and is capable of snapping hundreds of photos in an instant. To learn more, be sure to check out PhotoRobot's footwear product photography kit

Shooting live models for 360 and 3D product photography

Fashion model standing on rotating treadmill Catwalk.

If shooting live models, there’s PhotoRobot’s Catwalk, composed of a rotating platform with a moving belt to create a professional-looking fashion show in just about any studio space. Models can walk on the conveyor belt while cameras can be trained for a flying effect on product videos or for shooting 360° photography of the live models.

Equipment for 360 and 3D furniture and home photography

In regards to equipment for 360 and 3D photography of furniture and home products, clients benefit from PhotoRobot’s Centerless Table for smaller household items like vases or table pieces, or from the Turning Platform for heavier objects like furniture.

White couch rotating on larger photography turntable.

These solutions make it easy even for amateur photographers to bring new life to home decor and furnishings, and even professional photographers appreciate the fusion of robotic process automation and creativity. Manage and control everything in a few simple clicks to rotate products, trigger cameras, automatically edit imagery or remove backgrounds to create 360 spin photos or generate eCommerce 3D models

For jewelry and reflective products

360 spin of men's watch next to camera.

Even complex or reflective products such as in jewelry product photography or capturing glassworks is simple with the right automated equipment. From the MultiCam to the Centerless table, and the software for automation, quick editing and publishing to the web, PhotoRobot equipment helps companies capture the perfect product photo for 360 or 3D imagery.

For automobiles and heavy machinery

360-spin top-view of car on heavy-duty rotating platform.

Then there is the Carousel 5000, PhotoRobot’s heavy-duty piece of equipment for shooting 360 and 3D photos of vehicles and other machinery. Built for convenience, the Carousel is designed to photograph exceptionally large products, such as cars, machinery or heavy furniture. Its low profile and capacity to hold up to 4,000 kg makes it possible to place a vehicle or another heavy object onto the platform in seconds and without the need for an access ramp or crane.

For 360 and 3D photography for Amazon

No matter the product or scale of the operation, PhotoRobot equipment is designed to help companies near-instantly upload all of their 360 and 3D imagery for Amazon, similar online marketplaces like Shopify, or for e-commerce websites. 

3D handbag spin image next to product page view on mobile.

Software controls give you complete control over the shooting, and it is also the software that assembles all image files to generate the resulting 360° animation in HTML5 format. This format makes these visuals readable across all types of media, and is all you need to distribute your in-house animations to online marketplaces, no matter the file requirements.

Equipment and software for any 360 and 3D product photography project

No matter if it’s 360 photography, 3D models or both, PhotoRobot aims to deliver quality tools across all industries where product photography thrives. Our equipment, software and accessories can be suitable for nearly any studio space or photography projects, and our specialist technicians remain ready to provide you with more information or a free consultation at any time. Reach out today to learn more!