The Frame: Next-Generation Motorized Turntable Photography

PhotoRobot’s Frame is a next-generation solution for motorized turntable photography. Extremely precise and versatile, this robot can capture photos for perfectly positioned still images, 360° spins and even for building 3D models with photogrammetry. Its design allows for the cameras as well as the background to travel around an object on a transparent glass plate. The glass plate of the motorized turntable thus provides an additional angle for cameras underneath the product, meaning you can automatically capture all the imagery necessary to construct 3D models alongside still images and 360° spins.

The Frame: motorized turntable for still images, 360° spins and 3D models

Smaller mobile motorized photography turntable

PhotoRobot’s Frame is an all-in-one solution combining a motorized turntable and a robotic arm for capturing still images, 360° spin photography, and for compiling imagery for 3D models. Its cutting-edge design enables the cameras and the background to travel seamlessly around a product, even under the optical glass plate of the turntable. This means that while you snap photos for still images and 360° spins, you can also automatically capture all the imagery necessary for rendering products into 3D models.

With the Frame’s signature, double 360° rotation, it’s particularly effective at capturing consistent, high-quality product photos in remarkably short periods of time. Use the Frame for products from the size of engagement rings to suitcases, as well as for transparent, glossy, light or dark products. 

Combine all of this with PhotoRobot’s suite of software for automation and control and the Frame becomes an all-in-one workspace. Control everything (from cameras to the robot, turntable rotation, workflow, image post processing and more) all on one intuitive interface for more effective motorized turntable photography.

Flexible and versatile equipment for 360° motorized turntable photography

Technical specs - 360-degree angle capture top and bottom

The Frame is a truly flexible and versatile motorized turntable combined with a robotic camera arm. Its compact design allows for easy access to the operation area and makes it suitable for most warehouses, workspaces or studios even with limitations in space. Its design also allows for self-installation, and the entire workspace can be moved on castors from one location to the next for maximum mobility.

The motorized turntable supports a wide range of products, from small to medium and large objects, to more complex items like those with reflective, glossy, light or dark surfaces. Utilize various backgrounds with the Frame to further enhance product photos. Choose from solid screens, white light or color, or even picture screens to find what best compliments the product. 

Double 360° rotation

Rotation 360 degrees side-to-side and top-to-bottom.

With double 360° plate rotation, there really is no clipping required for standard still images, spins and photography for 3D models. The optical glass plate and the diffuse background enable lighting of the photographed product from all angles. This means that the hardened glass table can naturally create high-quality photographs even on a pure white background. 

Capture products from top to bottom all in a single click

3D model of shoe with zoom into bottom tread.

The turntable’s plate is 130 cm in diameter and has a load-bearing capacity of up to 40 kg, making it the largest workstation for 360° turntable photography on the market. The ability to photograph products through the glass makes it effective at capturing all the images necessary to create full 3D models in a single click. 

Additionally, the built-in background screen travels opposite the cameras, ensuring the background is always directly behind the products. Built-in positioning lasers, position sensors, and control units help keep the workspace tidy and free of cables while also ensuring simple automatic calibration and easy setup of products to the center of rotation. 

Perfect positioning for product photos, 360° spins and 3D models

Camera photographing product on turntable plate.

Owing to the fact that lasers focus on the product not only from the bottom but also from the sides and under the camera, finding the perfect position for 360° product photography is quick and easy. All lasers are protected from unwanted contact or crashes in the body of the machine, while the camera portal allows for installation of several cameras and even projectors for special 3D scanning techniques. 

The lights as well as the cameras travel around the motorized table, creating a more natural lighting similar to that achieved by manual rotation of the object in existing light conditions. Then, with the camera’s ability to shoot also from underneath the glass, capturing a single photo or a set of images from the bottom of the object is easily accomplished without even touching the product. This is particularly useful when creating full 3D models of products with photogrammetry.

Software for automation, control & photo editing

Photo editing software user interface on tablet.

With a modern intuitive design, PhotoRobot_Controls provides users with the best comprehensive studio management available on the market. Control the entire workspace remotely (from robots to cameras and lighting), manage workflow and realize effective automation at a click for image post processing, file management, delivery to the web and more.

Motorized turntable photography and 3D models made easy

At PhotoRobot, we design tools by photographers for photographers. Not only are these robots designed to optimize making 3D product content, they are also made for long-term, scalable photography operations. The next-Gen Frame is no exception, taking motorized turntable photography even one step further. 

To discover if PhotoRobot’s Frame is suitable for you or to meet our wide range of robots for product photography, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation. One of our specialist technicians can discuss all of the options available for you to invest in your business by investing in your product photography.