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Professional Product Photography for E-Commerce Websites

When you have professional product photography on an e-commerce website, it generates trust, engagement and also conversions in today’s highly competitive market. This is true for both returning consumers and for first-time visitors to your website. Thankfully, with the last decade’s advances in professional product photography equipment and with in-house solutions now more cost-effective, creating truly professional photography for e-commerce webpages is achievable even on a budget.

Advantages to Professional Product Photography for E-commerce Websites

While there are a wealth of reasons to use professional product photography for your e-commerce website, they all primarily revolve around the customer. In today’s highly competitive market, this entails utilizing rich media and detailed product content like 360-degree spins, 3D models or product videos in order to stand out in the crowd.

In the past, webshops simply could not compete with the experience of in-person shopping. This is no longer the case however. With better equipment for product photography and budget-friendly solutions for photography for eCommerce, it’s now easy even for amateur photographers and small webshops to produce eye-catching, professional content. 

Product website with spin image of handbag on monitor.

PhotoRobot’s line of robots for product photography are designed specifically for this purpose, providing companies the tools and automation software for the job. Continue reading to learn why you should use professional product photography on your e-commerce website, and to discover how PhotoRobot can amplify your product content while saving you time and effort.

Exceed customer expectations with a professional website

Personal computer viewing product page of ERCO Lightcase.

With so many successful marketplaces, webshops, and e-commerce vendors, today’s shoppers have an overabundance of options for shopping online. Moreover, these shoppers are inundated with professional product images like 360 packshots, 3D models and even AR / VR experiences, and consumers now expect nothing less. 

This amounts to strong competition in the e-commerce market, and it also means that high-quality, detail-rich and professional images are of great value. To truly engage shoppers and to exceed expectations, the product photography on your website must convey all the information necessary to leave nothing to the imagination and to trigger purchases.

Any absence of information or low-quality imagery is likely to turn shoppers away. With professional product photography, however, this becomes less of a concern. Professional product photography equipment enables brands to not only efficiently achieve the volume of photos customers expect but to also improve the overall quality of their e-commerce website.

Generate buzz and boost trust in your brand

Home decor viewed in mobile-friendly augmented reality.

The next advantage to using professional product photos for an e-commerce website revolves around generating buzz and trust for your brand. The quality of your images builds trust, while higher quantities of professional photos and varying content formats can generate a fair amount of buzz. This is especially true for AR / VR product experiences, which are seeing more and more use in digital product marketing strategies.

Buzz-worthy marketing campaigns might involve for example a scannable code that leads to an interactive product experience in virtual or augmented reality. Take Coca-Cola for instance, who as of 2019 embraced AR to enable access to users to interactive stories by pointing their phone’s camera at a can of Coke. 

This in turn generated a lot of buzz, while having very little to do with the actual product. Similar efforts in AR / VR product experiences have been embraced by major brands like Nike, Puma, Sephora, LEGO and more. Some of these marketing campaigns promote product features and presentation, while others are simply exciting interactive experiences to promote the brand.

Utilize professional photography to create interactive 3D product experiences

3D product image of orange motorbike.

Another advantage to using professional product photography for your website is that you’ll capture all the imagery necessary to create 3D product content. These formats include still shots from various angles, 360 spins, or 3D models to build AR / VR experiences. 360 spins in particular have become commonplace in digital marketing strategies and for online marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify.

360-degree photography, which assembles a collection of professional photos to create a frictionless “spin”, allows shoppers to not only view products from all angles but also to zoom into microscopic details. This is one way of replicating the in-store shopping experience, and ultimately helps to further build trust in your products and your brand.

Save time and effort, and enhance workflow

Photo editing user interface background removal.

With effective photography equipment and solutions for the job, capturing professional product photography for your website does not need to be time-consuming. In many cases, and especially with PhotoRobot’s flexible tools for eCommerce product photography, the process becomes effortless and even enjoyable for photographers of any level or experience.

PhotoRobot also prioritizes workflow in every family of its robots and within its suite of software for studio product photography automation. Everything from the packaging and distribution to the functionality and automation of these robots is aimed at maximizing workflow and getting the most possible complete in a single day.

In order to achieve the quality of 360-degree photography to impress online shoppers, however, it’s crucial to properly manage the shooting, quality assurance, image post production and editing. This is where you might want a professional in the studio or can consider hiring somebody out, but, again, PhotoRobot solutions are very much like having a pro on the team.

Professional product photography is scalable for long-term operation

Photo editing software interface creating 360 degree product image.

The more professional your product photography, the more scalable your project becomes. Possessing a wide catalogue of product photos for 360-degree imagery enables brands and sellers to build a repository of visual content for later use — for building 3D models, or creating AR / VR product experiences.

There is one concern, however, and that’s volume. If running a small webshop with a large catalogue of products, the task to photograph, categorize, edit and upload imagery can quickly become daunting. This is where tasks like automated file management and delivery should be prioritized for maximum efficiency. PhotoRobot’s suite of software is optimized specifically for this, including file backup as well as delivery to the e-shop — all without renaming a single file.

If you have a long list of products but aren’t running a professional product photography studio, this is where you might consider hiring out help to get your e-commerce website in better shape. A professional studio can assist in not only capturing the high-quality imagery for the website but also in specializing and managing product categories.

Impressive product photos reduce returns and boost conversions

Multiple device shopping for shoes, viewing product page.

Consistency in visual content promotes brand consistency while also reducing returns and boosting overall conversions and revenue. This is due to the fact that with professional photography, shoppers are much more likely to receive the products they expect. Not only that, but they are better informed about product features and functionalities that might trigger a purchase and also reduce the likelihood of returns.

Returns, especially on high-value products, can be costly for business. This means that in today’s market, when shoppers want to receive exactly what they see in the photos online, your product photography matters. Unprofessional photos or blurry images are very likely to either dissuade shoppers from making purchases or lead to their dissatisfaction and ultimately to them returning products.

Invest in product photography for your website, and shoppers will invest in you

360 spin of white hightop sneaker with orange laces and zoom.

Online, your product visuals should be just as valuable to shoppers as the product itself. Product photography needs to convey an accurate presentation of the product. The higher the quality and the more detail-rich the product content, the more likely you are to distinguish your brand from today’s competition.

To discover more about professional product photography for e-commerce and how PhotoRobot equipment and software can maximize efficiency and workflow, have a read through our blog or reach out to us today for a free consultation.