PhotoRobot's Centerless Table

Thanks to control software and a unique lighting system, PhotoRobot’s CENTERLESS TABLE represents a flagship in the evolution of automated product photography.

Thanks to control software and a unique lighting system, PhotoRobot’s CENTERLESS TABLE represents a flagship in the evolution of automated product photography. Read on with us to learn all about this universal solution for capturing shadow-free product photos on an industrial-scale.

Capturing Perfect Product Images with PhotoRobot’s Centerless Table

PhotoRobot’s CENTERLESS TABLE is designed to achieve perfect product photography with small, large, transparent, glossy, light or dark objects. Capture images of anything from the size of a small ring to a suitcase by simply placing items on the turning glass plate and using PhotoRobot controls to manage everything else.

The photographed object is lit up from the back and the bottom, thanks to two important features: the glass plate and the diffusion background. With these solutions, you no longer need to find a compromise between quality and efficiency. 

Our control software coupled with a unique lighting system allows you to handle high-volume, industrial-scale photoshoots easily, quickly and with reliable and consistent output.

The Centerless Table’s glass plate

The glass plate is designed for maximum precision of movement. It is 1300 mm wide and has a load capacity up to 40 kilograms. 

Made with tempered, highly transparent optical glass, the plate fits within the wheel system, with two electric motors providing maximum precision and movement dynamics. Calibration is automated and monitored by a sensor, and thanks to immediate, independent readings of the absolute position, corrections are made at each stop.

In the past, a suction pad with a magnet achieved this calibration in one turn, but now a tiny notch at the edge of the plate accomplishes the same. An optical reading of the small cut on the edge is enough, and this reading can be automated and performed by the click of a mouse when calibration is required before usage, or the reading can be running in the background during regular operation.

A unique diffusion background

The diffusion background with the bottom-reflective section is integrated for optimal translucence, even at the top-view camera positions. The shading panels at the sides and bottom of the construction prevent any reflections on the object.

Taking it a step further, there are also hedgehog holders to save space and to make the studio a safe and comfortable environment. No more tripods and cables to stumble over!

Software controlled lights

The lights, along with the lasers, cameras and plate movement, are all software controlled. You can quickly and easily adjust the intensity and take a test shot. Check, and adjust again -- all in a few touches of a button and from the comfort of your computer. 

No clipping required

Another feature of this solution is that the combination of the optical glass plate and the diffusion background allows you to naturally create quality photographs on a pure white background. No more clipping required in post processing! This provides you with more time to spend on the photography itself and photographing additional products.

Made for industrial use

The construction as a whole is made for industrial usage. The unique lighting system, and many details, such as mounting spots for additional accessories, make working with the Centerless Table highly productive. It is durable, versatile, and, above all, can be an economical addition to just about any studio workspace.

For more information

The Centerless Tables is just one of the many product photography solutions we produce at PhotoRobot. Our aim is to revolutionize automation in product photography, and to recommend the best tools for any job, studio or project from small to industrial-scale operations. 

Whether you cater to ecommerce retailers, websites and online marketplaces, or you run your own and are looking for more photography equipment, PhotoRobot specialists are ready to consult with you today on what tools we can provide for your work. Don’t hesitate to reach out today for a free consultation.