PhotoRobot: Robots Designed for Quick and Easy Assembly

At PhotoRobot, our versatile robots are designed, packaged, and delivered for quick and easy assembly in any product photography studio, workspace or warehouse.

Assembling a robot couldn’t get easier

In a previous post on PhotoRobot Packaging and Distribution, we showed you how much consideration goes into dispatching our robots worldwide. In this post, we’ll demonstrate how to quickly and easily assemble our robots in your workspace, looking specifically at how to set up PhotoRobot’s Turning Platform and Robotic Arm.

While our robots aren’t smart enough to assemble themselves yet, they are relatively simple to build by hand and can be installed in any studio in short time. Read on to learn more about PhotoRobot’s Turning Platform, the Robotic Arm, and to find a video demonstrating how quickly these product photography solutions can be fitted into any studio.

Rotary photography turntable platform

The Turning Platform for 360-degree product photography

PhotoRobot’s Turning Platform is a universal turntable built to rotate both light and heavy objects while your cameras capture photos from every angle. The turntable is designed and supplemented with an extensive range of accessories so that you can use a single device to capture the widest possible selection of products -- from small to large, and light to heavy -- for use in small online stores or industrial-sized plants.

The Turning Platform is well-suited for any task, with a load capacity of 1500 kg (3307 lb) and a plate diameter of up to 280 cm (9.2 ft) or with customizable accessories up to 4 m. The turntable has zero-clearance friction and high torque to ensure exceptional performance regardless of whether you are taking photos of a lawn chair or a garden tractor.

Combine the Turning Platform with the Robotic Arm, and you have the ideal, compact workstation for producing 3D spin photography of large products. If you want to take it a step further, you can even use the Turning platform in conjunction with PhotoRobot’s Virtual Catwalk, transforming any studio into an infinite catwalk for shooting live models.

Robotic camera arm for precise image capture

The Robotic Camera Arm

Replicate the in-store shopping experience and welcome online shoppers to a visually-rich 3D world with PhotoRobot’s Robotic Camera Arm. Easy to assemble and use in combination with the Turning Platform, the Robotic Arm is designed to add the third dimension to your product photography and present objects in all angles, both as a whole and in detailed view.

The Robotic Arm’s robust construction, precise movement, and two arm sizes allow you to capture objects of many sizes. Combine the arm with the Centerless Table or the Turning Platform, and you have the ability to simultaneously rotate objects and move the arm, creating a realistic 3D display of  the photographed object.

As the Robotic Arm does not oscillate, the camera moves along a precise trajectory, and its large mounting range provides variability in your choice of tripod heads and cameras. Its docking station allows for quick set-up on compatible devices, and its retractable wheels make it easy to transport between stations within the studio.

Assembling the Turning Platform and Robotic Arm in the studio

To demonstrate just how quick and easy it is to assemble our robots in the studio, have a look at this short time-lapse video by our former distributor in the US, Snap36 (now 1WorldSync), included below. In the video, you can watch a team of two equipping their studio with the Turning Platform and the Robotic Arm.

In less than an hour, this small team’s workstation is ready for the photoshoot. All it takes is some simple construction on the table and then positioning the Robotic Arm. After construction, your studio is now equipped to produce consistent and powerful product imagery, spin photography, or 3D models of any objects you can fit on the turntable.

These solutions are ideal for product photography studios large or small, can fit into just about any space no matter how limited, and are designed for both lower and higher volume photo shooting.

For professional product photography solutions

For more information, contact us at PhotoRobot for a free consultation to learn how our product photography solutions can be seamlessly integrated into any studio or workspace. Our aim is to provide powerful and flexible tools for any photography operation, from small-scale online stores to large-scale industrial warehouses and plants.  

We know that the efficiency of every studio revolves around many moving parts, and we strive to tailor each of our orders around the needs of our clients. Reach out to one of our support professionals today to learn more!