Capture And Control

Controll all your hardware from a single interface

live view & camera remote

Camera Remote

Canon and Nikon supported Settings can be saved to the preset. See our list with all supported camera models for more informations.

Supported cameras

capture control

Capture Control

Ability to configure/select only specified angles to be captured. Fast sequence repeat, possibility to select only misfired pictures and others. You will love it.


Capture your product under 10 seconds with the FastSpin function. We are detecting the position of the table 1000 times per second and sending the capture signal to the camera in right time for perfect results. This is another unique function for PhotoRobot only.

Robots remote


Support for multiple cameras capturing at once is integrated into the system. We support up to 7 cameras to create your 3D photos in one rotation.

worldmap & lights remote

Freemask Support

Set your lights to flash from FRONT and BACK to create a silhouette of the product and a free-mask algorithm will be applied automatically. Talk about automation!