How Consistency in Visual Content Boosts Revenue

Consistency in visual content boosts revenue by establishing brand consistency, attracting shoppers and triggering buyer’s confidence in visitors to your webshop. A single, perfect image simply doesn’t do enough to sell products in today’s world, so you have to consider the overall shopper’s experience— from the web page and the product showcase to individual product visuals. Whether presenting still imagery, 360 degree photography, product videos or even 3D models, consistency in your visual content should be a top priority if trying to boost revenue for product pages.

Consistent visual content drives sales

Consistency in visual content across all channels a product showcases on helps drives sales and make brands look more professional overall. 

It’s a mistake to think that an individual, high-quality image is enough to satisfy shoppers’ curiosity and to build the trust you need to actually trigger a purchase on your product. What you really need is a well thought-out, structured and thematic approach to how you showcase your product visuals. This is crucial for your own product page and for selling products on a variety of vendors’ pages.

Moreover, you want your visual content to represent your brand, and for this, consistency is key and one way of maintaining a competitive edge in digital marketing and sales. You need to consider elements like consistency in lighting setups, camera positioning or even camera movement for product videos. And these should all be consistent and complement a general theme for your webstore or product visuals.

Laptop screen displaying footwear product page.

Utilize consistency in light setups and camera positioning

No matter how impressive your product content or videos are, if they are presented with inconsistent lighting and camera positions or camera movement, they will challenge people’s impression of your brand. 

Even tiny inconsistencies can negatively impact the visual power of your total grid of visual content. Online shoppers today tend to disengage when presented with a disorganized grid of products, so it’s crucial to strive for consistency in areas like color accuracy and angle shots in order to ensure each product is presented equally on the website.

After all, a mixture of different styles and inconsistency with all of the elements that make up a product showcase does not make for an appealing webshop. Even if the product visuals are visually-rich, high-quality masterpieces in their own right, lack of consistency across these visuals are likely to, at the very least, make your brand appear unprofessional, or, at worst, destroy your webshop’s conversion rates and revenue altogether.

Zoom into laptop displaying shoes on screen.

Develop complex visual content and a well-organized product page

According to a case study by e-Business Institute, conversion rates for e-commerce product pages often revolve around the level of thought and complexity invested into the visual content. 

These conversion rates see dramatic rises or falls that can be connected to product content, and, in particular, consistency in product showcases. This means that, in today’s world, your product visuals are just as important as the products you’re trying to sell.

The more time and effort you put into visual content and ensuring that your showcase is consistent across all platforms, the more online shoppers will take notice, and the more likely you are to attract even more visitors to your webshops and product pages.

Tablet and mobile phone displaying same product page.

Offer a flawless website journey and experience

With any webshop or product page, your ultimate goal is to attract and direct more visitors to your website and convert them into paying customers. To do this, you really need to provide shoppers with an impeccable website journey and product experience.

The primary consideration here is that the customer should never be confused or distracted by the webshop. In this regard, query results should always lead customers to answers rather than down a confusing rabbit-hole to products which hadn’t interested them in the first place. If the shopper is asking about shoes, you definitely don’t want query results leading them to jewelry!

Make it easy for shoppers to find exactly what they want and relevant products to their search. Query results should be tailored, well-organized and styled around your brand image, paying special attention to consistency in visual content and product showcases. Then, when everything is simple and consistent, it activates customer purchases rather than leaving them looking for tiny differences in focal point, lighting, or camera height and angles. 

Make it simple for the shopper to make their choice

Ultimately, what you are trying to achieve is putting visitors to your website into purchase mode. To do this, you need to be aware of distracting traps that can make it difficult for potential customers to make a choice and trigger a purchase, and this is also where consistency in visual content becomes a significant revenue booster.

This is why here at PhotoRobot, we develop in-house product photography hardware and automation software to make both quality and consistency top priorities. All of our specialized product photography solutions utilize the same top-quality lighting setups and come equipped with software for customizable and fixed presets as well as streamlined uploading and web integration capabilities.

Whether shooting a collection of still shots, images for 360 degree product photography, or imagery for eCommerce 3D modeling, PhotoRobot machines are designed to meet any e-commerce retailer or product photography studios needs. Our machines support products of any size— from items as small a microchip, to clothing, as well as footwear, and even larger objects like automobiles and heavy-duty factory equipment.