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Emersya: Interactive Product Experiences in 3D, AR and VR

Emersya is an online publishing platform for fully interactive product experiences in 3D, AR, and VR. With award-winning 3D technology and in partnership with PhotoRobot, Emersya’s platform provides a new realm of possibilities for showcasing and customizing products online and in-store. Read on to learn more about Emersya’s platform and to discover how PhotoRobot solutions make it easier than ever to quickly capture and publish impressive and fully immersive product content online.

The Emersya platform: hosting 3D models, AR and VR content

There is no better way to showcase product content than with spin photos, 3D models, and AR and VR product experiences. Still photos and simple, flat imagery just isn’t enough to satisfy the curiosity and trigger purchases in today’s online and in-person shoppers.

This is why more and more major brands and online marketplaces are providing shoppers with interactive product experiences, either through 3D imagery, or Augmented and Virtual Reality. These mediums work for both online and in-person shopping, allowing shoppers the ability to browse products in vivid detail; interact with, spin, and zoom into objects; customize and personalize items; find additional, technical information about more complex products; or even to project and manipulate larger products into a virtual space.

Thankfully, Emersya is your 3D, AR/VR publishing platform for all of the above, and PhotoRobot solutions make it easier than ever to capture, collect, and distribute all the imagery that goes into creating not only 360-degree product photos but also 3D models for rendering into impressive AR and VR product experiences. What’s more, if you’re already utilizing PhotoRobot solutions in the studio, you likely possess all the tools you need to get started both quickly and easily. Read on to learn what Emersya has to offer and more about their partnership with PhotoRobot.

Brand logo of Emersya 3D product content hosting

Navigate, animate and personalize products in 3D, AR and VR with Emersya

Emersya is one medium with endless possibilities, providing a platform for 3D visualization, full interactivity, customization, and, overall, an enriched product experience through 3D, AR & VR technology. Now in partnership with PhotoRobot, Emersya can utilize all of your PhotoRobot 360° photography and 3D models to create visually-rich, immersive and interactive product content for online or in-store sales.

With Emersya, turning 3D models into advanced product experiences and embedding them in any website is quick and easy. You can publish online in minutes and embed content in seconds. Brands can then share the 3D experiences they create across their larger retail network, or simply embed the 3D viewer into their website to start showcasing products in a more interactive way.

Whether you’re running a small webshop or an industrial-scale operation, there are numerous benefits to fully interactive product experiences in 3D, AR & VR.

  • Display products in every intricate detail and depth of zoom.
  • Allow shoppers to interact with products and explore mechanisms, construction and exploded views.
  • Provide shoppers with customization options for details, colors and designs.
  • Give shoppers more information about product features and technology.
  • Project products to scale in Augmented Reality, on mobile devices and tablets, and to position products in the surrounding space. 
  • Customize and animate products in Augmented Reality, without ever leaving the product page.
  • Empower shoppers to experience products digitally, just as they would in-store by interacting with products in Virtual Reality.

Zooms of 3 different 3D models of ice-cream cone.

Observe every intricate detail of the product

When publishing 3D models for digital marketing or for Augmented and Virtual Reality sales, the goal is to provide shoppers with a level of confidence from the product experience that not only triggers purchases but also reduces the likelihood of returns.

To do this, brands need to provide consumers with all of the valuable information they need to make an informed and confident purchase, and this is where Emersya can help take product showcases to the next level. 

Emersya’s platform allows brands to market products with detail-rich product experiences in 3D, AR & VR. All you need is the 360° imagery generated by PhotoRobot solutions to create a 3D model, and Emersya does the rest to create a flawless product experience for shoppers. Shoppers can observe products in every detail, rotate objects, zoom in and out, or control product movement on the page through the embedded 3D viewer. You can even choose preset viewpoints for product showcases.

Adding scoops of ice-cream to 3D cone.

Interact and explore

The next advantage to providing shoppers with product experiences in 3D, AR and VR is that shoppers can interact with products to learn how they work, how they’re assembled, or how they operate in motion.

With the exploded view, shoppers can learn about the construction of a product, and they can discover additional information about the internal parts and product technology. Product animations can also be used to enable consumers to trigger specific product features and to see moving parts in action.

Shoppers also have the ability to switch between product & design options, like for example when shopping for furniture that comes with a variety of pieces or in different designs, colors and textures. Then, when satisfied with their choice, shoppers can save their design and generate a unique URL to replay their custom design in a separate 3D viewer that can also be shared on social media. They can return to and edit their saved design later and before making their final decision.

Different color 3D ice-cream cones beside each other.

Change colors and materials on the fly

Another benefit of implementing a 3D, AR and VR product marketing strategy is that shoppers can alter colors and materials on the fly to compare all options and select their favorite or find what best meets their needs. 

With the ability to customize every detail or to switch between available colorways, shoppers have more variety and more control. They can even create their own unique design by applying custom text(s) or images to products and preview results in real-time. 

Learn more about the product

3D, AR and VR product experiences also help shoppers discover the product’s story, including insightful explanations about a product’s features and its technology.

Brands might want to convey more information about the product’s material, structure, base, or any moving parts that may be of interest to consumers. This is where informative product content will help educate shoppers, enhance buyer’s confidence, and hopefully boost sales while reducing returns over the long-term.

Change colors on the fly with 3D hosting software.

Suitable for any webpage and on any device

The Emersya 3D, AR & VR experience is also available for any webpage, device or operating system. With native HTML5 and Webgl technology, no plug-ins required for the embeddable 3D viewer. Responsive design helps ensure your product content is viewable and compatible on all devices shoppers might use, while hardware accelerated 3D using WebGL technology guarantees high-quality content.

For easy sharing and friction-free integration, Emersya provides the ability to embed 3D models into pages just as you would with video, using a simple iframe code. The advanced API allows you to control the 3D product content directly from your website, and works on any website or CMS e-commerce platform.

Finally, the intuitive controls on any device provide multi-touch support, and there are also image-based fallbacks for when 3D images fail to load on older devices.

Publish directly to the web in minutes

In 4 easy steps, you can upload your own 3D models to transform your product content into advanced shopping experiences.

All you need to do is upload your 3D model; fine tune parameters such as color, texture and intensity; enrich your content by preparing possible options for a configurator, animations and/or annotations, and then simply embed the 3D content in your webpage to begin sharing.

PhotoRobot and the Emersya publishing platform

The goal at Emersya is to streamline the process of publishing 3D, AR & VR content on the web. The platform is designed to be user-friendly while also providing brands with a comprehensive interface that can meet all of their product content needs. It is also designed for easy linking with ordering systems and ERP, and, as a fully manageable SAAS platform, there is no software to install.

All of this makes Emersya an exceptional partner for PhotoRobot and our clients in e-commerce and product photography. With PhotoRobot hardware and automation software, capturing all the images you need to build 3D models for AR & VR product experiences is quick and easy. Emersya then makes it just as quick and easy to publish 3D product experiences online.

And while PhotoRobot helps brands capture, process and distribute imagery, Emersya has helped many industry leaders overcome their product content challenges, including brands like Samsonite, Salamon, Whirlpool and more. Just have a glance at some of Emersya's latest 3D product configurators to get a better idea.

If you’d like to learn more about 3D, AR & VR product experiences with Emersya, or how PhotoRobot can help you accumulate all the imagery you need for 3D visualizations, reach out today for a free demo with one of our specialist technicians!