Introducing: PhotoRobot's MultiCam for Multi-Row Product Photography

PhotoRobot’s MULTICAM is a multi-camera system designed to simultaneously capture 3D and multi-row images, capable of snapping hundreds of photos in an instant. It has been developed for the effective, multi-room shooting of large volumes of products, and is made to fit into most studios and workspaces.

The MULTICAM: Save time and energy in product photoshoots

PhotoRobot’s MULTICAM is designed to save photography teams time and effort in the studio. Whether for still shots, 3D or multi-row images, this multi-camera system is built for speed.

Mechanically speaking, the MULTICAM can mount up to 13 cameras on its heavy-duty arched bow, and each camera can then be controlled to snap images at the same time. Some users equip the bow with 2 cameras, others use 7. The more cameras you use, ultimately the faster your photoshoots become. Each camera mounted will trigger simultaneously and take sets of photos at every one stop, saving you time and energy!

There are 13 positions on the MULTICAM bow, at 7.5 degree increments where the cameras can be randomly mounted, all depending on the size of the product and the angles your team needs to capture. The elevation is all automated and controlled by the control software, so teams can adjust the system based on the size of the object.

Mount up to 13 cameras onto the PhotoRobot Multi-Camera rig.

The multi-camera system

Combining the high rotational dynamics of PhotoRobot turntables and the synchronous shooting of the MULTICAM multi-camera system, photography teams can capture full 3D photographic presentations in a fraction of the time compared to other devices. 

With 13 positions available for camera attachment at a spacing of 7.5 degrees, photographers can capture more images and more angles, all in short time. All thanks to synchronous shooting from multiple cameras during a single rotation!

PhotoRobot Multi-Cam has 13 positions available for camera attachment at a spacing of 7.5 degrees.

Easy and reliable camera positioning for high volume photoshoots

If any automatic measuring system is integrated, the controls will read this and set up the elevation accordingly. Otherwise, the motor-assisted height adjustment makes it possible to easily and quickly point cameras to the center of rotation, with the vertical-center always in the middle of the object’s height.

This setup can be used again and again for high volume photoshoots. There’s no need to waste time on changes or height repositioning from one product to the next, and all cameras will remain trained with precision to the virtual center of the object.

Then, for even more camera support, there’s PhotoRobot’s Synchro Box that can be used in combination with the MULTICAM system. The Synchro Box supports up to 8 cameras, while also being stackable (meaning the synchronization capabilities are virtually endless). 

Infographic displaying 13 camera positions supported.

Simultaneous shooting

Within a few seconds, the MULTICAM allows photographers to shoot several top view angles in a rotational range of 360°. Capture hundreds of images in an instant to create 3D photographic presentations or individual images from predefined angles for online or print advertising.

Available in two sizes and compatible with the Cube

The MULTICAM arch is available in two sizes, depending on the needs of your studio, and can also be used in combination with PhotoRobot’s CUBE for shooting products like apparel and clothing and more. 

Feel free to view the MULTICAM’s technical specifications, properties and dimensions all online here, or, for more information, reach out to us today for a free consultation to find out if PhotoRobot’s MultiCam or our line of photography solutions can be of benefit in your studio.