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PhotoRobot Viewer - 2D / 3D / 360 Product Image Hosting

Host eCommerce images in 2D / 3D / 360 with PhotoRobot Viewer, now supporting image galleries alongside spins, hot spots, and panoramas.

eCommerce Image Hosting - PhotoRobot Viewer

In addition to hosting 360 spins and 3D models, PhotoRobot Viewer now offers more ways to present products online. New features enable users to host eCommerce image galleries with thumbnail navigation, and configure hot spots in 360 spins. We’ve also added support for interior panoramas, which feature in the Car Studio 360 and a Carpet & Flooring Visualizer.

Ready to see the new and improved PhotoRobot Viewer in action? Below is an intro into our updated product image hosting features. We share each option in detail, along with their many use cases for your eCommerce photography.

eCommerce 2D / 360 / 3D product viewer features

Integrated Production, Management, and Publishing

PhotoRobot Viewer integrates directly into the production line, providing one system that centralizes all your digital assets. This is unlike many of today’s solution providers, who photoshoot on one platform and publish on another. Their approach makes digital asset management both time-consuming and expensive. 

With PhotoRobot, everything is ready for immediate publishing after capture to save time and free up human resources. There is no switching from one system to the next, or copying and publishing files manually (or via script). Everything users capture on the system is instantly ready for upload and automatic publishing via the Cloud platform.

Users host image galleries, packshots, 360 spins & multiple product configurations all on a single interface. A Cloud-based, global Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides real-time scaling, ensuring pixel perfect resolution on any end-user device. There is also easy integration with eCommerce export feeds, image optimization, and support for JSON and XML formats.

PhotoRobot product photography production process

Still Images, 360s, and 3D Visuals on a Single Interface

The new PhotoRobot Viewer interface offers various image hosting options to cater to different businesses and their products. Now, users can host complete galleries of eCommerce packshots and marketing angles alongside 360s and other outputs on one page. 

Viewing features enable access to each type of imagery via on-page buttons or thumbnail navigation. Dynamic loading features then ensure the viewer and all imagery loads quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, page visitors can see all your product visuals, with full support for deep zoom, macro shots, hot spots, and more.

Website image hosting

Customizable Product Visuals in 360 and 3D

PhotoRobot’s SpinViewer is a 360 degree product viewer that hosts spin imagery which is compatible on any device. It enables consumers real-time control and configuration of single-row & multi-row 360 spins. Features include options to configure object color, background color, rotation speed & direction, and product size. 

Embeddable on any product or web page, the SpinViewer has unlimited view count and data transfer, with no additional expenses. Users are only billed according to the data storage they require. In return, the SpinViewer provides one of the fastest and most intuitive 360 image viewing technologies on the market. Animations are easily customizable, with multiple parameters to offer a solution for any brand or product.

Spin Options
Object color


In addition, tools for digital asset management ensure all product content is securely stored, searchable, and redistributable. In fact, if using PhotoRobot’s Cloud Platform, no file transfer is necessary from the capture stage to publishing. Users can host content on their eCommerce websites and apps immediately and automatically after image capture.

360 Degree Product Viewer Hot Spots

Hot spots are areas of a 360 spin such as close-ups or highlighted features that add value to the product content. Close-ups often convey intricate details, whereas a shallow depth of field can highlight different aspects of an object. Hot spots might zoom into a logo, showcase moving parts, or present hidden product features. Different angles can also produce different colors and effects, each a possible candidate for a hot spot.

To define hot spots in the viewer, users select photos from a product spin, or upload their own images. Product spins usually consist of 24 or 36 frames, but can also be far greater in number. Users select hot spots, edit if necessary, and generate the spin in the software. 

The software then creates the 360 along with its hot spots as an embeddable javascript code. Copy and paste this code to re-distribute imagery on any web or product page, or via eCommerce plug-ins. Consumers can then view product spins on any device or browser, and select hot spots to view in greater detail.

Gallery Viewer with Thumbnail Navigation

The new & improved PhotoRobot Viewer now enables brands to host entire product galleries of still images online. Photo thumbnails provide quick navigation of galleries, and load full-size single frame images at the click of a mouse. Upload any angle or shot for viewing: front, back, profile, top, bottom, and macro.

Useful in fashion product photography, and for items like footwear, sunglasses, and even automobiles, a gallery viewer aims to inform. They help consumers to better visualize and understand the product from its fine details to unique features and selling points. These might be texture or material, or complex technical components in a car or piece of machinery.

Panorama Viewer Support

Need to showcase an automobile including behind the wheel? Perhaps, it’s a room design with a line of furniture you want on the web? Viewer support for special, 360-degree Theta camera photography allows just that. Take 360-degree panoramic photos inside any interior space, and give your website visitors a tour inside.

Simply connect a Theta camera to the software workspace, connect to WiFi, and snap photos. The software automatically uploads images after capture, and can immediately publish panoramas to the web. Consumers can then access panoramas at the click of a viewer button, with controls for rotation & zoom.

Combine panoramas with image galleries, a 360 spin, multiple configurations and hot spots for a complete car photography viewer. In fact, we like to call this the PhotoRobot Car Studio 360, our immersive solution for online car photography.

Complete Car Studio 360 Viewing

With viewing options for still images, 360 spins, hot spots and panoramas, Car Studio 360 caters to automotive product photography. This solution enables dealerships, superstores, online retailers and private sellers to better present and sell automobiles on the web. It allows hosting of single-row and multi-row 360 car photography alongside complete image galleries.

Thumbnail navigation provides quick access to individual frames or hot spots within the product spin. This works with both single-row 360s, and with multi-row spin photography. Multi-row spins for example might show photos from different elevations, or take a look under the hood. It also commonly presents a vehicle in different configurations, such as with doors closed in one spin, and open in another.

Users specify which frames to present in thumbnails, and then generate their Car Studio 360. Just as with the SpinViewer, it’s easily embeddable on any web page, and viewable on any device or browser. Consumers can then view automobiles in 360 degrees, and select thumbnails to closely inspect individual angles and configurations.

Carpet & Flooring Visualizer - Breno Carpets

Finally, the Carpet & Flooring Visualizer is a custom PhotoRobot solution developed in cooperation with Jakub Klaus for Breno Carpets. And while this viewer is exclusive to Breno, it presents another sound example of PhotoRobot product viewing capabilities. 

This room configurator enables Breno to present their product line of carpets and rugs in a virtual room. It aims to make interior design & home planning with Breno products easier and more interactive.

Consumers can swap between different designs & colors, move products around the room, and change the flooring. There are on-the-fly customization options, and thumbnail navigation to change the view of the room. This way Breno’s shoppers can mix and match items with the interior design. Buttons switch different carpets & rugs in and out of the room, or load a 360 spin of each product.

Upgrade Your Business’ Product Experience Today

PhotoRobot Viewer is designed to support our clients in all their automation-driven product photography. All image hosting features integrate directly with our software-supported product photography machines for high throughput, and high productivity. No matter if it’s for a small webshop or an industrial scale production hall, PhotoRobot has an answer. From image hosting to fully, software-driven product photography automation & hardware, it’s all here.