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How to Improve Product Page Conversions

Join PhotoRobot to discover how to improve product page conversions while driving more traffic to your products online.

How compelling product content improves product page conversions

In this post, we’ll share how compelling product content improves product page conversions and drives more traffic to the places your products appear online. This is increasingly important for companies today, with shopping trends shifting heavily towards e-commerce. 

There have also been significant spikes in shoppers researching products online before making final purchases at stores. This was true even before consumer behavior started responding to the global pandemic, but has now been magnified considerably. 

This is where digital product content takes center stage. It helps bridge the gaps between online and offline shopping, and is becoming one of the more significant sales drivers in light of current trends. Let’s look now at how to create more compelling product content, and at how this can improve your product page conversions. 

Evidence suggests that engaging product content is increasingly vital

To illustrate the current state of e-commerce, let’s look at some of the key findings from an Avionos data report from 2019 on Consumer Expectations.

1. Online shoppers expect 5-star commerce experiences

With so many brands and marketplaces to choose from online, this should come as no surprise. Consumers now have virtually endless options available at their fingertips, and they won’t hesitate to abandon a company or retailer altogether. 

In fact, 73% (nearly 1 in 3) of shoppers admitted they were likely to avoid brands after a single bad experience. This illustrates the importance of not only the commerce experience, but also of being able to stand out in the online competition as a trustworthy vendor. 

Creating engaging product content is one way to get attention, but in order to improve conversions on your product pages your content must be as informative as it is eye-catching. Online shoppers are looking to research products, and they expect product pages to provide the information they need to make confident and informed decisions. 

2. Individualized product content is more valuable

Another critical finding was that individualized product experiences improve conversions on product pages. Of those in the survey, 78% stated they were more likely to buy from a company that allows them to personalize products online. This was true even when comparing two digital brands or retailers that are for the most part identical.

When there’s no distinguishing factors that make one brand or retailer stand out more than another, consumers look to how they can personalize products on the product pages. Features for product design or color customization help shoppers feel more in control, and to personalize products to their own specifications and preferences. 

This gives consumers the feeling their product is “unique”, setting the item apart from any competition that doesn’t offer personalized experiences on their product pages.

3. Younger generations demand more unique product experiences

Evidence also suggests that if you want to improve product page conversions, you’ll have to cater to the upcoming generations. These generations’ shopping behaviors revolve around their affinity for technology. They’re shopping on mobile and on tablets, on desktop and from one device to the next.

This presents challenges for product pages, as they have to be seamless and responsive across any device consumers use for shopping. Of those in the survey, 69% (over two-thirds) believe digital brands and retailers need to be more aware of the devices they use. 

The number rises considerably among newer generations, with 83% of Gen Z and 84% of millennials stating the same. They want consistent product page experiences across all the platforms and devices they use to shop online, encouraging brands and retailers to keep up with their device preferences.

Compelling product content drives confident commerce

The next factor to improving product page conversions is contributing to confident commerce. In e-commerce, this means ensuring that product pages are a selling point rather than a breaking point. After all, in an online sale, your product photos are your most valuable asset for conveying information to help consumers decide whether or not to buy your product.

A Digital Commerce 360 survey even showed that at the time 45% of shoppers had visited product pages that didn’t provide enough images for them to adequately visualize products. That amounts to a large number of consumers who we can safely assume did their shopping elsewhere. It also demonstrates that, as much as possible, you have to replicate the in-store shopping experience of physically inspecting products in hand. 

Multi-angle still images are one way to do this, while technology like 360 product viewers and visual product configurators offer even more immersive and informative product experiences. In fact, simply deploying product spins has shown to increase conversions on product pages by up to 47%

Impressive product experiences drive awareness, engagement, and trust

Product pages that emphasize high-quality product experiences simply translate to higher conversions in today’s world. The stronger the product content, the more likely you are to not only drive more traffic to your product page, but also to keep traffic on-page longer. 

Strong product pages in this way also help build brand awareness and develop trust through SEO-friendly and consumer-centric content. Packshots, 360-degree spins, GIFs, and configurable 3D models all provide value to the consumer by ensuring their expectations of products live up to reality. 

This in turn provides value to the brand in less returns overall, and, often, steadily improving conversions on the product page.

To discover more about improving your product content for e-commerce

At PhotoRobot, our mission revolves around product photography for e-commerce and developing solutions to help clients realize success with their product pages. We know that simply having a strong online presence isn’t enough in today’s world; your product content has to impress, and it has to stand out in the growing competition.

To learn more about PhotoRobot solutions and how to start improving conversions on your product page today, contact us to schedule a free 1:1 consultation with one of our team.