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How to Boost Conversions with Your Product Content

E-commerce is a game of product visualization, and much of it revolves around boosting conversions with product content. In this post, we’ll share 3 valuable tips to ensure higher conversions anywhere your product content appears online, from webshops to online marketplaces and e-commerce vendors.

3 ways to leverage product content to boost conversions

Producing engaging content from pure white background packshots to 360 product spins is crucial to success in eCommerce photography. In fact, there are a number of ways you can leverage your product content to drive engagement and in the end boost conversions. But, how many images should you have per item? And what does your product content need to show? What about the background, and image requirements for Amazon and other eCommerce marketplaces?

These are the most common questions when it comes to using product photography to boost conversions. And with shopping trends now shifting heavily online, brands the globe over are revisiting their online presence to again ask these questions. 

Different backgrounds footwear product content

To help, we’ve written a quick guide on how to boost conversions with your product content. These tips apply whether you’re looking to start a webshop or simply trying to boost conversions with existing content. Keep reading for 3 tips to help boost conversions with your product content, and to learn more about how PhotoRobot is assisting clients in these ventures.

1 - Reliable product content translates to reliable products

Online, your product content is more than just a representation of the product; it’s a representation of your brand. This may even go without saying but calls for repeating: you want professional product photography on your website and anywhere your product appears online. 

Images must be of the highest quality and resolution, with deep fields of zoom and / or spin features for shoppers to engage with. Visual product content has the potential to replicate the in-store experience of physically inspecting an item in-hand, and you want your product content to do nothing less. 

Professional product photos with zoom capabilities

Ultimately, your product content will either drive confident e-commerce, or it’ll send consumers to shop elsewhere.  You want your product content to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, showcasing products in their best light and from all angles of interest.

2 - Display all relevant angles and views of your product

Another way to ensure your product content boosts conversions is by leaving nothing to the imagination. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. If there are any questions they might have, your product content needs to answer them. 

Product content that answers consumer questions

After all, there’s no in-store sales representative to help shoppers discover your product. This means the product content needs to highlight all of the relevant product features consumers are considering before making their purchase. 

It might be a deep field of zoom into the sole of a pair of trainers’, the studs on a leather jacket, or interior pockets of a handbag. It might be reflective or transparent eyewear or a fashion product better visualized on a live model. Whatever it is, your product content should answer any questions or requests consumers might have by showing them all relevant angles and views of the product.

3 - Exercise consistency in visual content

Finally, consistency in visual content across all channels where your product appears online is critical. If you choose a theme for product backgrounds, light settings, or image styling, deploy that theme consistently and everywhere. 

Product content responsive design multiple devices

Consistent high-quality product content assists consumers in overcoming initial hesitations, and feeling more confident about purchases. It also helps them better familiarize themselves with your product and your brand. 

All of these factors play into reducing overall returns, while consistency in product content also builds brand trust, which ultimately leads to boosting conversions with your product content.

PhotoRobot: Helping clients excel in product content

At PhotoRobot, our entire line of robots and software are dedicated to helping clients achieve excellent product photography for objects of any size. We have motorized turntables, portable devices, mannequins, camera arms, and software for full product content automation and control in the studio. 

If you haven’t already discovered our full line of solutions for product content production, editing, and publishing, check us out today or contact us to learn more about PhotoRobot. You can schedule a free 1:1 consultation to meet our robots and learn all about boosting conversions with your product content.