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PhotoRobot Hardware and Software Updates & New Features

Delivering the latest updates and features from the PhotoRobot team on the evolution of our hardware and control software.

Updates and Features of PhotoRobot Hardware and Software

PhotoRobot_Controls delivers new features, tools, and performance enhancements in its latest version 2.4.0 released in September. Experience smoother, simplified workflows, and a more robust user experience for all of your automated product photography.

Many of these features have been developed in coordination directly with our users to ensure solutions meet specific demands. We aim to cater to all our customer needs across numerous industries and reply promptly with new functionalities and improvements.

The latest version thus brings support for a new Frame_robot, further optimization of the Robotic_Arm, new advanced tools & macros, and physical workflow enhancement.

Keep reading to discover what’s new and improved with PhotoRobot and its software suite for automation and control. 

Support for the Latest Frame_Robot

Due to popular demand, support is now available for the_Frame, one of our newer product photography robots. The_Frame is an all-in-one solution combining a motorized turntable and robotic camera arm.

Motorized 3D photography turntable

Precise and versatile, this robot can capture photos for perfectly positioned still images, 360 product photography, and constructing 3D models. Its design enables the cameras and background to travel seamlessly around a rotating product.

It even provides a flawless view from under the optical glass plate of the turntable. While you photograph still images and 360s, you can also automatically capture all imagery necessary to render products into 3D models.

Quicker Sequencing of the Robotic_Arm

Take advantage of faster sequencing of the Robotic_Arm, now optimized for higher movement speed. Save between 2 - 4 seconds with each arm movement, decreasing overall time to capture complete sequences.

For example, if photographing 3-row sequences, that’s upwards of 8 seconds in savings for every individual product.

The Robotic_Arm is the ideal solution for online shops and is compatible with the majority of PhotoRobot rotary turntables. Add the third dimension to objects and present them from all angles, both as a whole and as a detailed view. 

Robust construction, precision of movement and two arm sizes provide the ability to capture objects of all sizes. Meanwhile, automation in elevation control and two shanks (one short, one long) provide both precision and versatility in the studio.

New Quick Navigation Feature

Introducing new features for quick navigation, PhotoRobot_Controls now makes it easier to explore the system. 

Experience an expanded navigation range, now with quick search for items across all projects. Easily access and jump between items, projects, presets, macros and more.

Photoshoot software navigation feature

PhotoRobot makes it all a simple search away. Access navigation via the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of the User Interface, or by keyword shortcut. Use the slash ("/") key on MacOS or on Windows.

Updated Macros for Cloud Subscription Power Users

PhotoRobot also now offers more robust macro support to meet the diverse needs of users across multiple industries. This update is available for Power Users, and brings with it countless possibilities for macro definition.

PhotoRobot Power User macro support

Automate image capture and editing with specific instructions for photographing, retouching, and post processing products. It’s all just a few clicks away.

You categorize the products and processes, attach macros to barcodes, and PhotoRobot streamlines the workflows. Save camera settings, photo angles, lighting, editing, and more to match your products and your projects.

Enhanced Physical Workflow

Subscription Power Users can also ensure frictionless physical workflow in the studio with enhancements for product ingestion and product return. Import items to be photographed into a project, validate if received, scan weights and measures, sort, prepare and more.

Photo studio workflow software

Improvements include development on barcode scan-in and scan-out, Cubiscan for measuring and weighing products, and inventory workflow. Sort items on shelves, and generate barcodes when missing.

It's a smooth workflow-in and smooth workflow-out. Confirm that every item that enters the studio leaves with 100% of the images delivered.

PhotoRobot | Solutions by photographers, for photographers

At the end of the day, PhotoRobot’s mission is to develop solutions to meet the product photography market’s growing demands. No matter if it’s a small webshop or an industrial-scale photography warehouse, we design hardware and software for the job.

Stay up-to-date with all the latest from PhotoRobot by signing up for our newsletter. We share updates and new features, product photography resources & guides, blogs, videos, and much more. All to optimize your productivity while you handle your business.

Be productive. Handle ​​your business. PhotoRobot manages the imagery. Consistently, effectively, productively, & automatically.