Robotic Turntable for 360° Photography and Heavy Objects

PhotoRobot designed the Robotic Turntable to be effective and versatile for 360° product photography and for photography of heavy objects. Extremely heavy-duty, this robot has a load capacity of up to 200 kg and is suitable for small to medium size products such as tools and machinery. It’s simple to pair the Robotic Turntable with any arm for simple and comfortable shooting of 360° photos, or even to combine it with PhotoRobot’s Cube for synchronous rotation with a partially suspended product.

Motorized turntable for 360-degree photography of heavy objects

Technical specifications and dimensions of photography turntable.

PhotoRobot’s Robotic Turntable is a universal tool for 360° product photography and photography of heavy objects. Its design features as well as PhotoRobot’s suite of software for automation and control makes this heavy-duty motorized turntable easy to integrate into any existing workflows or to set up in nearly space.

Motorized turntables are extremely effective at capturing imagery for immersive and interactive product experiences, and the Robotic Turntable is no exception. What sets it apart from other turntables, however, is its extremely high load capacity and its versatility. 

The Robotic Turntable operates well with any simple arm and can also work in combination with PhotoRobot’s Cube or with a transparent plate on distancing columns. These features provide more options for 360° product photography, ensuring productive and consistent photoshoots for a wide range of heavy objects such as machinery and tools like milling machines, engines, spare parts and more.

Accessories, features and functionality of the Robotic Turntable


Close-up of heavy-duty components of motorized turntable.

With motorized turntable photography of exceptionally heavy objects, you need an extremely sturdy turntable. This is why PhotoRobot’s first design consideration for the Robotic Turntable was stability. We designed the turntable to hold up to 200 kg and to maintain a smooth rotation so that cameras can easily capture 360-degree photography of the product.

The motorized turntable was designed for automating 360° product photography of small yet heavy objects. For this purpose, the quality manufacturing of the turntable emphasizes both uncompromising accuracy and robustness, while also serving to resist wear and tear or to pair with other PhotoRobot robots and photography accessories.

Effective 360-degree photoshooting in the studio

Unique features of the Robotic Rotary Turntable.

One advantage to utilizing an automated photography workstation is that you can save time and energy in the studio. You can also maintain standardization when creating product content for online showcases in webshops, e-commerce or wherever necessary. The Robotic Turntable meets both of these demands, with software for automation, control and workflow management. Along with this software, the Robotic Turntable also has numerous design features for effective photoshooting. These include:

  • Integrated mounts for lights and cabling conducted through the machine frame to ensure adequate room for movement around the workstation.
  • Remote control of the lights to make work both faster and more comfortable.
  • Numerous fastening points for mounting a wide range of standard photography accessories.
  • A robust opaque plate with overhang over the table edge so that you can capture non-retouch photos at zero angle.

Consistent and versatile photography equipment

Unparalleled versatility in the photo studio.

The next advantages of the Robotic Turntable for 360° photography and heavy objects revolve around consistency, ease of use and versatility. Thanks to the laser positioning system to locate the center of rotation, product photography on this motorized turntable becomes easy even for amateur photographers. There are also numerous other design features and accessories for precision, versatility and even mobility. These include:

  • A built-in 19’’ rack for installation of control units, laser controllers, network elements and additional accessories.
  • A transparent plate on distancing columns which is easy to install and which is included in the turntables standard equipment.
  • Carriage wheels for effortless transportation in the studio and large legs for setting up a precise working plane.
  • Compatibility with PhotoRobot’s Cube for synchronous rotation of a product in partial suspension in the air.

Compatible with the Cube

Synchronized product suspension and rotation.

Another alternative for using the Robotic Turntable is utilizing it in combination with PhotoRobot’s Cube. The Cube is particularly useful for suspending heavy objects in the air to get better photographs from all angles of the object including from the bottom-up. Products suspended by the Cube are also synchronized to the rotation of the motorized turntable. 

PhotoRobot’s suite of control and automation software

Photo editing software user interface to product photo.

PhotoRobot_Controls provides users with all of the control and automation features clients have come to expect of PhotoRobot. This software suite boasts a modern, intuitive design and is the best comprehensive studio management available on the market. Remotely control the entire workspace (robots, cameras, lighting), manage workflow and benefit from effective automation in image post processing for 360° product photography. 

360° product photography of heavy objects has never been easier 

Product photography setup with heavy object rotating on plate.

At PhotoRobot, we know that quality is key, especially in product photography. Online, your images are truly your products, and quality should never be compromised for efficiency. The Robotic Turntable for 360° photography and heavy objects is thus both robust and versatile in design, aiming to improve on everything from the workstation to workflow and image post processing. 

To discover more about PhotoRobot’s motorized turntables for 360° product photography, contact us today for a free consultation. Our specialist technicians are ready to discuss all of the options available to meet your needs no matter if it’s for a small webshop or an industrial-scale photoshoot.