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Motorized Turntables for 360 Product Photography

If you want to create an immersive and interactive product experience, the most efficient way forward is with a motorized turntable for 360 product photography. Whether attempting to reach shoppers on desktop or on mobile, products from jewel-studded watches to trainers can truly benefit from this format. This is where PhotoRobot’s family of rotary turntable robots for 360 product photography comes into play, providing companies with a wide range of turntable solutions in various models, sizes and shapes — all supported by PhotoRobot software for effective control and automation.

Guide to motorized turntables for 360 product photography

Camera viewer on 360 spin of handbag.

Creating remarkable 360 product photography for e-commerce means mastering a wide range of moving parts, from machinery like motorized turntables to lighting setups, control and automation of the cameras and equipment, image post-processing and more.

The goal is to create truly immersive, interactive product experiences for online shoppers. The more detailed and informative, the more likely content is to not only trigger purchases but also to generate buzz and awareness around your products and ultimately your brand.

In this guide, we’ll look in depth at an eCommerce photography setup for motorized turntable photography. We'll share more on PhotoRobot’s family of 360 photo turntables, and describe how to use a motorized turntable to effectively showcase products in today’s digital world.

What is motorized turntable photography?

Moving image of photography light: front, left and right angles.

A motorized turntable is a computer-assisted rotary device for rotating objects 360 degrees on a transparent glass plate in order to capture photos from select angels. Whether it’s packaging photography, 360° spins, product videos or even 3D models for digital marketing and AR / VR experiences, it’s all possible with a motorized turntable for 360 product photography.

A clear glass rotary plate enables cameras to capture photos underneath products, while also serving the purpose of making the items appear to “float” in thin air. This gives photographers complete control over how the product is illuminated, and likewise reduces the need for time-consuming image post-processing after the product photoshoot. 

While rotary turntables serve many purposes as stand-alone devices, it’s also advantageous to pair them with additional accessories and other machinery. There are tools for lighting setups, which are especially beneficial for 360 product photography, and there is also a wide range of compatible PhotoRobot machines such as the Robotic Arm or the Cube to better manage the entire photoshoot process. 

Advantages to using a motorized turntable for 360 product photography

Photo editing user interface on monitor beside rotating mannequin.

Synchronous rotation devices such as PhotoRobot’s motorized turntables, the Cube and more make it not only easier to capture perfect photos for 360 photography but also to automate everything from the photoshoot to the image post processing and publishing to the web. 

For a richer, more informative product experience

White high-top shoe with orange laces on motorized turntable.

One obvious advantage to the imagery created on motorized turntables is the positive impact on the product experience. By presenting products from various angles or in 360-degree formats, brands provide customers with more interactive and immersive product content, while also serving the purpose of better informing consumers about the product itself.

For online marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify

Marketplace product page of motorcycle next to 360 spinning image.

Then, there’s 360 product photography for Amazon and Shopify, who both have begun supporting spin imagery on their product pages. 360° spin photos often have a positive impact on triggering purchases as well as on reducing overall returns. This is likely due to the fact that shoppers are more likely to receive exactly what they expect from their purchase, as they have more information on hand and a better understanding of the product before they buy it.

For B2B marketing and sales presentations

Using 360 and 3D photography for sales presentations.

Motorized turntable photography also has benefits in regards to B2B sales, in which more informative and interactive product presentations can show all the moving parts of a product. This can be especially true for more complex or larger products such as appliances, electronics and heavy machinery. With product presentations in 360-degrees, product spins, or even 3D models for AR / VR content, products can be brought to life anywhere in vivid detail.

Devices and products for 360 motorized turntable photography

Close-ups of photography hardware and turntable mechanics.

Now, what products do you need for 360 product photography with a motorized turntable? This is where PhotoRobot comes into play, with a wide range of turntable robots as well as companion devices to enhance your photography and maximize workflow in the studio.

PhotoRobot’s Wide Glass Centerless Table

Two different size motorized, rotary photography turntables.

PhotoRobot’s Wide Glass Centerless Table represents a flagship in the evolution of 360 product photography with motorized turntables. Thanks to PhotoRobot automation and control software as well as its unique lighting system, the Centerless table makes a welcome addition to any studio. It’s 50 inch glass plate is suitable for a wide range of objects, and the machine comes with various features including line lasers, a clean white fabric background, integrated flags, light booms and more.

PhotoRobot’s Robotic Camera Arm

Robotic camera arm for use with rotary turntable.

PhotoRobot’s Robotic Arm makes a great companion to the Centerless Table and is likewise compatible with the majority of PhotoRobot’s rotary devices. It is the ideal solution for  online shops, transforming product content from a single 360° spin to a 3D product experience. The robotic swing arm provides cameras complete range over the 0-90° axis, and together with the rotation of the table allows for image capture at any angle of the top-view of the product.

PhotoRobot’s Cube

PhotoRobot device, the Cube in suspension mode.

PhotoRobot’s Cube is another device worth considering for 360 turntable photography. Its design makes it extremely useful for shooting products like apparel and fashion accessories or items that need to be suspended in air like bags, chandeliers, and light fittings. The Cube is particularly popular for its versatility and functionality, providing a universal and portable solution for motorized turntable photography.

Replicating the in-store shopping experience

Online, your images are your products, so it makes sense to replicate or improve on the in-store shopping experience with 360-degree turntable photography. In this way, not only are you better informing potential consumers about your products, you are also enriching the digital experience of online shopping.

Along these lines, PhotoRobot automated photo studio equipment for 360 product photography are solutions made by photographers for photographers. PhotoRobot knows very well all of the complex moving parts of product photography, and our solutions aim to maximize efficiency, workflow, and all processes relating to the photoshoot. 

To learn more, reach out to us today for a free consultation with one of our specialist technicians to discuss all of the options available for your needs. No matter if you’re running a small online shop or an industrial-scale photography operation, PhotoRobot has tools to meet the demands of any 360 product photography project!