Introducing the CUBE

PhotoRobot’s CUBE is designed for shooting products on a turntable, apparel and clothing, or objects that need to be suspended in air, like bags, chandeliers, and light fittings.

Dive in with PhotoRobot and learn all about our CUBE V5, V6, and V6 RotoPower, and what this versatile robot can do for your studio. Learn about the many different ways you can use the CUBE, the three different versions now available, and even see the CUBE in action in one of our latest introductory videos published for your viewing pleasure.

The Cube V5, V6, and modified V6: PhotoRobot’s smallest and smartest robot to date

The CUBE V5 is PhotoRobot’s most flexible, universal and portable robotic machine for automated product photo shooting. Able to be used as a standalone device or in combination with other robots, the CUBE is designed to shoot products in rotation for still shots or 360 degree photos and 3D modeling. 

Above all, the CUBE is a versatile, multi-function robot. It is capable of shooting products that need to sit on a turntable, or products that need to be suspended in air like bags, chandeliers, and light fittings. It can even be quickly transformed into a rotating mannequin for shooting apparel and clothing. 

Use the CUBE standalone as an effective turntable

Allowing up to 8 total support bars, the standalone CUBE with its 100 cm diameter plate will serve as an effective mobile turntable. Its precision drive with zero-clearance transmission makes the robot surgically precise, even at a maximum load of 130 kg.

In this way, the CUBE’s turntable can be used for shooting objects from the size of a ring to a pair of shoes, a handbag, or anything up to the size of a 15-inch laptop. And you’ll never have to worry about load capacity.

Use the CUBE for suspending products in air

The CUBE can also be easily transformed for shooting in suspension mode. Simply turn the CUBE upside-down, mount it to the support beam, and it’s ready to hold and spin your objects in air. This is useful for objects like bikes, handbags, backpacks and anything up to 130 kg in weight.

Use the CUBE combined with a rotating mannequin for fashion

Great for shooting apparel and clothing, from T-shirts to wedding gowns and more, the CUBE can also be transformed into a rotating mannequin. Its ingenious design allows you to prepare clothing on a separate torso that can be easily mounted to the CUBE, saving time and increasing throughput. 

As an optional accessory, this system can be complemented with a cart for storage of up to six mannequins, all of different size and type for a wide range of clothing and apparel photoshoots.

Three different CUBEs, each tailored to different studio needs

There are three different variants of the CUBE, each designed for different needs. 

  1. The V5 is the basic CUBE, with 19.6 newton-metres of torque.
  2. The V6, with additional torque-power of 98 newton-metres, has zero gear play.
  3. The modified V6, the V6 / RotoPower, has the additional feature of an electric plug-in, which allows you to plug the photographed object directly into the rotating plate to eliminate the problem of tangled wires.

With the CUBE’s versatility, capturing the perfect still shots or 360 degree product photography  has never been easier. To learn more about how PhotoRobot can help equip your photography studio with better tools for the job, contact us for your free consultation.