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Advantages to Using a Visual Product Configurator

The advantages to using visual product configurators are numerous in e-commerce, whether it’s for B2C or B2B operations. Both 2D and 3D product configurators provide valuable information about products to potential consumers. More importantly, they help users to easily discover complete lines of products with customizable elements, as well as to feel confident in pressing that order button. In this guide, PhotoRobot will examine the advantages to deploying a visual product configurator, provide some example use cases, and help readers find the right solution to meet their business needs.

How visual product configurators benefit e-commerce businesses

In short, a visual product configurator is a type of software technology which allows e-commerce businesses to showcase products with many customizable elements online. These might include products with customizable component parts, designs, colors and more. In function, these tools enable shoppers to view, manipulate and customize products according to their own preference and the options available.

How much your business will benefit from using a visual product configurator will depend on several factors, including: the type of products you sell, the range of customizable elements to your products, and the overall business model of your company. For some, 2D visualizers might be enough to start realizing immediate advantages, while other businesses might be better positioned to invest in immersive 3D eCommerce

Spin viewer user interface displaying 360 of watch.

Nonetheless, any effective visual product configurator is likely to create a more positive customer experience, reducing friction and boosting buyer’s confidence. More importantly, these tools can ensure buyers receive exactly what they expect of their purchase from what they saw online. Product viewers also help on the business-level in general to increase engagement, improve conversions and reduce returns, all while serving as a scalable investment towards more advanced product experiences like augmented reality.

The 5 advantages to using a visual product configurator

Looking to the advantages of using visual product configurators in e-commerce, here are the top 5 worth mentioning.

Enhance engagement for both visitors and returning shoppers 

Today’s online product viewing technology is not only advanced, it’s everywhere. Whether it’s online marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify, or small to medium webshops and retailers, impressive product content isn’t hard to find. Online shoppers are now so inundated with 3D product photography, 360-degree spins, 3D models and visual product configurators that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to meet the all-time high customer expectations.

Configurable product experiences place products and product customization in the hands of potential consumers, allowing them to get a better idea of all the options available, and to ultimately make a confident and informed purchase. On these lines, deploying one on your website can also increase on-page time for visitors, while potentially making a lasting impression on both new and returning consumers. 

Boost conversions anywhere the product appears

Another advantage to using a visual product configurator in e-commerce is boosting conversions. Online, your product imagery is often as valuable as your product, and it can make or break your bottom line and ultimately determine how well you stand against the competition. 

This is because of the fact that one of the most common reasons consumers cite for hitting that order button nowadays is product visuals. It’s not rating systems, recommendations or other elements in the purchasing process. In this regard, visual product configurators help make content not only stand out and impress, but they also encourage consumers to make that very first order.

Reduce overall returns

The next benefit companies realize when deploying a visual product configurator is in reduced returns. After all, when a shopper knows exactly what to expect from their order, they are much less likely to send items back. In this regard, the impact of 2D / 3D configurable photorealistic product experiences is simply difficult to match. 

Spin viewer options on monitor displaying white shoe.

The educational value in configurable visualizations helps ensure shoppers find the exact product, model, make and design they are looking for, and that they are aware of the many options available at their fingertips. This in turn leads to less returns alongside considerable benefits to your business for the long-term. Not only are returns costly for shipping and handling, they can also lead to consumers abandoning the brand altogether, negative reviews, and, not to mention, the negative environmental impact of shipping back and forth.

Invest in a scalable solution

When investing in an e-commerce business, product visualization software provides a considerable return on investment for long-term operations. This is seen through savings in time and costs for photoshoots, and, more importantly, streamlined time-to-market. Visual product configuration software allows you to take an individual photoset or 3D model and multiply it into hundreds or even thousands of different iterations of a product. 

Configuring color of watch wristband.

There's no  need to hire out photographers or rent a studio every time a new item arrives in stock. 

Rather, with visual product configurators, businesses can render images not only of complete products but also a wide range of component parts. These components can then be stitched together with the complete product time and again to scale your image repository and showcase products in their entire range of customizable elements.

Augmented Reality

A final noteworthy advantage of deploying a visual product configurator is the ability to transform 2D / 3D configurable photorealistic imagery into augmented reality experiences. Particularly beneficial when selling highly complex or customizable products, augmented reality is an effective way to showcase all of the moving parts and features that make a product function. Augmented reality product experiences also make for buzzworthy marketing campaigns, interactive B2B sales presentations, and impressive product content in general.

To discover more on visual product configurators for e-commerce

Photo studio: capture, editing, publishing and promotion.

Does your business sell complex, highly customizable or configurable products? Are you looking for stronger sales enablement technology? Would potential consumers benefit from visualizing your products in augmented reality?

If yes, PhotoRobot can help. Not only does our Cloud Platform come stock with our customizable Spinviewer, it also has unlimited view count and data transfer. Digital asset management ensures all your imagery is perfectly organized, searchable, and secure. The Spinviewer also has configurable JPEG compression for better loading times, and automatic publishing with no file transfer needed.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us at PhotoRobot today. Our technical strategists are on standby to help you learn everything you need to know about PhotoRobot and visual product configurators.