The Carousel: 360 Photography of Cars and Heavy Machinery

Automate 360 degree photography of cars, heavy machinery and more with PhotoRobot’s Carousel 5000. Built for convenience and durability, the Carousel can transform any space into a compact workstation with a turntable for capturing 360-degree photos of your largest products. PhotoRobot automation control software assists in managing the Carousel’s rotation and also provides operators precise control over cameras, post-image processing and publishing to the web.

A Heavy-duty, Motorized 360-degree Photography Turntable

PhotoRobot’s Carousel 5000 is a turntable designed for 360-degree photography of exceptionally large objects like cars and heavy machinery. 

With a load capacity of 4,000 kg (8,800+ lb) and a diameter up to 5 m, its rotating platform can support everything from cars and garden tractors to small boats or even furniture. The turntable’s low profile makes it easy to place any moveable object on location in seconds, all without an access ramp or even a crane. When photographing cars especially, it’s literally just parking your vehicle.

Resistant, robust and precise 360 photography

Vehicle on Carousel 360-degree rotating photography platform.

Car turntables for automotive photography like the Carousel 5000 are exceptionally resistant and robust, designed for durability, easy maintenance and trouble-free replacement. Owing to these factors and its precise design, clients can achieve optimal workflow and capture upwards of 60 or more cars in a day’s time. 

All photos captured can be used as 360 product photography without limitations regarding resolution or zoom, all thanks to high quality image capture. It’s also possible to use these 360-degree photos produced on the Carousel individually for both online or print publication. 

The carousel was built for easy cleaning of the car turntable before, during, and after photoshoots as well. This makes preparing the scene in between cars or product photo shoots a quick, hassle-free process.

Designed for easy cleaning before, during and after photoshoots

Rotating plate design of the large photography turntable.

With small grooves for dirt collection along the entire perimeter of the car turntable, the Carousel’s design makes it especially easy to ensure the scene is pristine for 360 photography. These grooves are also continuously cleaned with the same airflow used for cooling the machine and its controller, minimizing the need for cleaning and prolonging service intervals. 

Simply drive a car onto the ramp, prep the scene with air-driven dirt removal over the turntable’s surface and begin the photoshoot. The drive-up ramp is only 78 mm tall, making it easy to drive a car onto the turntable from any side of the ramp and ensuring that photoshooting, as well as preparation of the vehicle, is extremely quick and uncomplicated.  

Built to last, easy to maintain

Close-up of robust design for rotating products.

When taking 360 photos of cars, heavy machinery or furniture, clients need heavy-duty and hassle-free equipment for long-term operations. This is why PhotoRobot uses only the best materials for the Carousel 5000 to ensure uncompromising manufacturing quality. 

The robust design of the Carousel owes thanks to the latest laser burning technologies and CNC machining, and it places great emphasis on resistance to dirt, wear, and mechanical damage. Its massive central bearing unit only requires tension adjustment and lubrication once every 18 months, and the drive and control units as well as the flooring material are all accessible for easy service or replacement.

Trouble-free replacement

Photo studio with car above rotating plate of turntable.

At high work loads, the need to replace some parts of the Carousel can eventually arise. Knowing this, PhotoRobot designed the drive and control units, as well as the flooring material, for quick and simple replacement. Both the drive and control units are outside of the machine for service or replacement at any time, and the flooring material, which can suffer wear, is just as easy to remove and replace.

A car turntable perfect both for 360 photography and for showroom floors

Infographic of turntable installed in showroom floor.

The low profile of the Carousel’s car turntable not only serves as a convenient access ramp from all sides but also helps the machinery to completely blend into a showroom floor. 

There are two versions of the Carousel, one which is placed on the existing surface, or another that is built into the studio floor and becomes an integral part of the space.When installed in the floor, it practically becomes invisible, with the motor safely on the outside of the turntable plate. This reduces the need for post-production of photographs to an absolute minimum, and overall leads to stunning 360-degree car photos.

Comprehensive control software for automation and remote operation

Graphic showing photo editing interface and final photo.

Finally, equipment for 360 photography of cars and other heavy machinery wouldn’t be complete without a suite of software to help operators remotely control the entire workspace from the robots to the cameras and the lighting. 

PhotoRobot_Controls software boasts a modern intuitive design as well as comprehensive studio and workflow management tools for effective automation and post image processing. Operators can control everything in a few clicks, while also having the ability to review and edit imagery on the fly and near-instantly publish high quality photos to the web.

Quality is key, especially for 360 photography of cars and machinery

360 spin image of car from bird's eye-view.

360 photography in today’s world demands cutting-edge equipment, software, and automation tools to save on costs and effort without compromising quality. This is especially true for 360 photography of cars and heavy equipment, and even more so for large-scale photography operations.

At PhotoRobot, we design solutions like the Carousel 5000 to make 360 product photography easier, safer and more productive for businesses of any size. With the Carousel specifically, we designed it to be exceptionally durable, using only the strongest materials so that it can last longer for industrial-scale usage. We know that downtime for servicing broken machines can be costly, so we have built a machine with long-term usage as a top priority.

To learn more about the Carousel for 360 photography of cars or to discover other PhotoRobot robots, feel free to dive deeper into our blog or reach out to one of our technical specialists for a free consultation today.