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PhotoRobot’s Robotic Arm for 360 Object Photography

PhotoRobot’s Robotic Arm for 360 object photography is an ideal solution for online shops and is compatible with the majority of PhotoRobot’s rotary robots. Built for precision and durability, the Robotic Arm provides companies valuable savings in costs, time and effort when creating 3D product content for objects of any size. Read on to discover the versatility of the Robotic Arm, its features and its automation capabilities that make it possible to transform any studio space into the perfect workstation for 360 object photography.

The Robotic Camera Arm for Impressive 360-Degree Object Capture

The Robotic Arm V8 is PhotoRobot’s latest model of the multi-row robot for 360 object photography. Add the third dimension to objects and present them from all angles in impressive 3D product content, both as a whole and as a detailed view. Robust construction, precision of movement and two arm sizes provide the ability to capture objects of all sizes.

Thanks to automated elevation control and two shanks (one short and one long), the Robotic Arm is not only precise but also versatile in the studio. Operators can adjust the arm length manually, and the robot will remain perfectly stable due to its robust base. The Manfrotto tripod head with micro travel in 3 axes supports DSLR as well as larger cameras with digital backs.

Pair the Robotic Camera Arm with 360 motorized turntables and photography platforms to capture medium to large objects. The range of the camera arm enables smooth, 360-degree photography of items like household appliances, furniture, luggage, sports equipment and more. It quickly achieves 3D photoshoots, with no limitations on camera resolution, meaning you can produce images in print as well.

A robot camera arm for precise 360 object photography

Among the many benefits of the Robotic Camera Arm is its ability to capture the perfect angles for 360 object photography in every photoshoot. Particularly useful when combing the Robotic Arm with compatible 3D product photography equipment, such as the Case for example, the Arm is capable of moving in tandem with the photographed object’s rotation to create an extremely realistic 3D display of the image.

Articulating Camera Arm setup and carrying case.

Also, the number of top view angles is not limited in any way, so it’s possible to capture objects in a single series of photographs in the 0-90° range, or to snap dozens or even hundreds of photos for maximum fluidity and smoothness. 

To support eCommerce photography, the Robotic Arm’s precision enables standardization in the display of products in classic still images and packshots. Meanwhile, a suite of automation software enables photographers to utilize presets to automate the capture of similar objects again and again. These presets can be automated to capture photos at angles identical to previously photographed objects, making it easy to create a collection of 3D product content without disruptive differences or discontinuities in the portfolio.

The precision of the Robotic Arm

Close-up of Camera Arm robust construction.

Another advantage to the Robotic Arm is that its robust construction and quality manufacturing enables the camera to move smoothly along a precise trajectory. The large arm will never oscillate or stray off-track. This makes capturing 360 object photography in the studio a routine and friction-less process, with no distraction due to mechanical error. 

The stainless bearing surface with scale ensures accurate camera elevation setting, while the electrical lift enables operators to easily set the elevation based on the size of the photographed object. For perfect positioning, there is an integrated cross laser feature for the precise set-up of the Robotic Arm on a rotary device. 

Large range of elevation and top-view

Infographic of camera arm displaying swing angle, length, and lift.

With a motor-assisted (SW controlled) 400 mm elevation range and a top view range from 0-90°, the Robotic Arm’s large mounting range provides variability in choice of tripod heads and cameras. Whether it’s a DSLR, Canon, Nikon or other larger cameras with digital backs, operators can equip the Robotic Arm for 360 object photography with their favorite tools.

Easily transportable between workstations

Close-up of workstation's mobility and retractable wheels.

The next consideration PhotoRobot had for the Robotic Arm was transportability. This is why the base of the Robotic Arm has retractable wheels for easy transport to and from studio workstations. Simply roll the robot from one station to the next, connect the Arm’s docking station to a compatible rotary device or just lock the robot in place and benefit from how easy it is to set up on location.

Quick set-up for on-location installation

Infographic displaying how to lock and install device.

Another feature of the Robotic Arm for 360 object photography is its capabilities for quick and easy set-up. With its docking station for compatible devices, the Arm can be connected to a rotary device and ready for the photoshoot in a matter of minutes. It is also compatible with the majority of PhotoRobot rotary robots for 360° photography.

Compatibility with the majority of PhotoRobot rotary devices

Compatible photography robots with the Robotic Arm.

Whether it’s 360 object photography for fashion apparel and accessories, or for large household products like appliances and furniture, operators can connect the Robotic Arm to the majority of PhotoRobot rotary turntables for objects of ranging in size.

  • Combine the Robotic Arm with PhotoRobot’s Cube for 360 photography of fashion products like clothing and accessories.
  • Utilize the Robotic Arm with the Case to create a compact and portable workstation on the go.
  • Use the Arm with the Centerless Table or the Turning Platform to automate 360 object photography with larger or heavy objects like furniture, motorcycles or machinery.

Automation control software for remote operation and repeatable tasks

Graphic displaying from editing software to final photos.

Finally, any PhotoRobot equipment for 360 object photography wouldn’t be complete without a cutting-edge suite of automation software so that operators can remotely control the entire workstation, from the robots to the camera triggering and trajectory or the lighting set-ups.

PhotoRobot_Controls software boasts a modern intuitive design as well as comprehensive studio and workflow management tools for effective automation and post image processing. Operators can control everything in a few clicks, while also having the ability to review and edit imagery on the fly and near-instantly publish high quality photos to the web.

Ensuring maximum quality and efficiency

Camera mounted to arm positioned to photograph armchair.

The Robotic Arm for 360 object photography is a staple solution for a wide range of 3D product content and automation needs. With the competition in today’s marketplace, especially in product marketing, there is high demand for cutting-edge equipment, software, and automation tools to help businesses save on costs and effort without compromising quality.

This is where PhotoRobot aims to accommodate, designing solutions like the Robotic Arm or our wide range of rotary turntables for 360 object photography. The goal is simple — design solutions for problems we ourselves face, aiming to make 360 product photography easier, safer and more productive for any business. 

To learn more, dive into the PhotoRobot blog, or reach out to one of our technical specialists today for a free consultation to learn how PhotoRobot can improve your product photography operations.