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PhotoRobot’s Turning Platform for 360 Product Photography

With an extensive range of accessories and state-of-the-art automation software, PhotoRobot’s Turning Platform for 360 product photography makes a welcome addition to any photography studio shooting heavy objects. Snap hundreds of photos in an instant and immediately publish 360 product photos and 3D models to the web. Discover more in this quick overview of the Turning Platform.

A Motorized 360 Product Photography Turning Platform

PhotoRobot’s Turning Platform for 360 degree product photography is a universal solution for rotating and photographing heavy or light objects ranging in size from small to large. 

Thanks to its extensive range of accessories and PhotoRobot controls, the Turning Platform is fully automated for product photography and suitable for shooting heavier objects. Combine it with PhotoRobot’s Robotic Arm and it’s perfect for shooting products such as motorcycles, household appliances like washing machines or refrigerators, beds and mattresses, baby carriages or anything of similar size and weight. 

The Turning Platform is amazingly versatile. Additionally, it can be used with a mushroom for shooting lighter objects like lamps and vases on a tabletop, or it can be used with a mannequin for shooting 3D spin fashion photography. It’s even possible to use the Turning Platform in conjunction with PhotoRobot’s Catwalk to turn any studio space into a compact, infinite catwalk for shooting live models.

The Turning Platform’s power and precision

360 product photography rotary turntable

PhotoRobot has designed the Turning Platform for 360 degree product photography to capture the widest possible selection of products all on one device, and it is not only powerful and precise but also durable. 

The Turning Platform’s standard circle plate has a diameter of up to 280 cm (9.2 ft) and a load capacity of 1500 kg (3307 lb). With these parameters as well as zero-clearance transmission and high torque, the Turning Platform ensures excellent performance when capturing photos of anything from chairs to garden tractors.

A robust design for a wide range of products

Photography turntable specs and dimensions

The Turning Platform’s turntable is both strong and sturdy in construction. All 3 available sizes for the circle plate or the ellipse turning plate support high load capacities and high torque to facilitate smooth rotation at any speed and for any object. 

Versatile for all of your product photography needs

Product photography mannequin and mushroom attachments

With optional accessories, the Turning Platform becomes a solution for a wide range of 360 product photography needs. Use a mushroom to transform the platform into a rotating table, or shoot 3D fashion photography with a ghost mannequin or an infinite catwalk. The Turning Platforms plates are available in black or white variants and come in 3 different sizes for the circle plates (2.8m, 1.8m, or 1m) or with a 2.6 x 2m ellipse plate.

Transformable for use with other robots, tools, and accessories

Use as a platform, a robotic table, a rotating mannequin or even a catwalk. The transformable features of the Turning Platform allow clients to easily attach various accessories and extensions to create a workstation that meets their needs. Beyond automobiles, it’s nearly an all-in-one workstation for any eCommerce photography: pure white background stills, 360s, videos, and 3D modeling.

A photography platform stable enough to walk on

Fashion model photographed on infinite catwalk

No matter the load, whether it’s a live model or a parked motorcycle, PhotoRobot designed the Turning Platform with stability as a top priority. Strong supports guarantee that when the plate is in rotation, it stays in rotation, and it also cannot be moved and will not shift when locked in place — ensuring the safety and protection of all products on the plate.

Features for 360 product photography of motorcycles

On-ramp for 360 product photography of bikes

With the optional drive-up ramp, navigating motorcycles or any moveable product is simple and easy. Ensure no damage will be done to products. This means there is no more need for cranes or heavy-lifting in the studio, and ultimately ensures better overall workflow and less risk to products when moving them on and off the Turning Platform. 

360 product photography of furniture

Furniture product photography on rotary turntable

With dimensions suitable for heavy loads and larger furniture like sofas and chairs, the Turning Platform is capable of photographing home furnishings in rich detail, snapping hundreds of photos over the course of a quick rotation. PhotoRobot controls and automation software allow photographers to manage settings, work with presets for better workflow, post-process imagery and near-instantly publish photos to the web.

One more option for 360-degree photography of furniture, similar to the Turning Platform, is PhotoRobot’s Carousel 5000. This is becoming increasingly popular with furniture retailers who need to photograph lots of furniture, as the Carousel comes equipped with a low-profile loading ramp perfect for photoshoots involving a range of pieces.

360 photography for fashion or smaller objects of any shape

Spin image watch rotating on photography turntable

Need to shoot 360 fashion photography of smaller products like watches, briefcases or luggage? What about an engagement ring? With the mushroom extension for the Turning Platform, it’s easy to quickly transform the workstation into a robotic rotating table perfect for smaller objects. Combine this with the Robotic Arm, and creating highly realistic 3D images becomes easy enough for even amateur photographers to master.

Alternatively, operators have a range of options beyond the mushroom extension, such as PhotoRobot’s CUBE or PhotoRobot’s tables for 360 product photography. The Cube is great especially for photographing fashion products, while the various tables might be used for better stability and rotation or for additional levels of background and shadow removal (which is what PhotoRobot’s glass tables are best for).   

Never compromise quality photography for efficiency

PhotoRobot’s flexible tools for 360 product photography are built for both quality and efficiency, and we believe neither should be compromised for the other. The Turning Platform is only one of our catalogue of 13 robots, all powerful and versatile technological solutions for photography studios. Dive into our blog to discover more, or feel welcome to reach out to one of our specialists technicians today for a free consultation.