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What’s New in the February Controls Software Release 2.6.0

February delivers the latest software release of PhotoRobot_Controls, offering new tools & features for smoother workflows and smarter project management.

February Software Release 2.6.0 - New Tools & Features

Building on our previous software release, February brings new tools & features for smoother workflows and stronger communication between teams. Read on to see what’s new with our workflow software, and how to deploy these solutions in the photo studio.

PhotoRobot Control software paves the way for complete automation of 360 product photography and digital asset management. Command robots, high-end Canon or Nikon cameras, lighting, post production, publishing, review processes and more. All from a single interface, with configurable presets you set once and use for the long-term.

Keep reading to discover the latest tools & features in the February software release. We introduce improvements to the Cloud Interface, new workflow tools, enhancements to project sharing, and client-approval workflow.

1 - Improvements to the Cloud Interface

Now, users can benefit from more comprehensive unification of the Cloud part of our application with the local app. All details you attach to items locally will be visible in the Cloud, and vice-versa. Get everything on a single page, including information about photos, comments, or additional details & instructions.

Further enhancements include:

  • Quick browsing between items, now without having to first go to the item list;
  • Reports with detailed information and statistics about folders and selected photos;
  • Support for zoom and spin rotation in the detailed view.

2 - Comments and Comment Visibility

Next, we’ve made it so that comments can always be found alongside your photos. We can now also limit comment visibility by item-level or by specific image.

Simply enter a comment and specify for whom it will be visible – whether the client, a retoucher, or internal. Notify users of comments by tagging recipients, and then mark comments ready for action or resolved / completed.  

3 - Brand New Workflow Statuses

Our software now also enables more effective workflow communication between teams and clients. This is thanks to several new status levels to assign tasks, communicate progress, and approve or reject work at stages.

  • New states for retouchers include: “Ready for retouch” and “Retouch done”.
  • Available client statuses expanded to: “Verified”, “Approved”, “Rejected”.

4 - Retouch Access Controls

Clearly communicate and share tasks with external retouchers thanks to retouch access controls. Select specific photos or entire folders containing multiple items for retouching. You can then attach instructions in comments before sending files to the responsible retoucher as “Ready to retouch”.

Now, your retoucher will be able to access and download the files, do their magic, and import their results. After uploading the image, automatically the software marks items as “Retouch done”, communicating progress on the project.

From here, the project manager can approve or reject changes and mark them accordingly. If satisfied, they can also choose to immediately publish the final images.

5 - Project Sharing between Client or Retoucher

We’ve also built on our software’s project sharing capacities. Now, users will experience improved user interface for project sharing, including project access for external retouchers. 

Everybody on the team gets easy access to the projects they’re working on, while ensuring better communication along the way.

6 - Client Sharing and Approval Workflow

Finally, clients can now see completed tasks when items or folders are set to the “Verified” status. Simply share the project with the client, and they can approve or reject “Verified” work in a single click of the mouse.

If rejected, the client can also attach feedback or instructions via comments before sending items back for further retouching. 

It’s approval as you work, with feedback as ready as the client is available.

Take complete control over all your studio workflows 

PhotoRobot_Controls is automation at your command, aiming to deliver the most effective product photography solutions on the market. Sign up for our Product Photography Newsletter below to stay up-to-date on our progress and everything happening in the industry. Also follow us on YouTube and LinkedIn for the latest videos, blogs, tutorials and software updates for your photo studio.