PhotoRobot: Flexible Tools for E-commerce Product Photography

Success in ecommerce and with online marketplaces all revolves around customer confidence, and one way marketplaces establish this trust is through high-quality, visually rich product content. The more realistically you can replicate the in-store shopping experience, the more likely shoppers are to have confidence in their purchasing, to make more purchases, and to ultimately return less products. And with all the competition among online marketplaces, shoppers not only expect detail-rich product imagery, they often demand it before they will even consider making a purchase.

Generate higher engagement with stronger eCommerce visuals

In eCommerce product photography, your brand's imagery needs to be picture-perfect to attract online shoppers and drive more sales. Shoppers expect visually rich, high-resolution images that they can view from numerous angles and zooms, all while staying in clear focus.

When a marketplace provides this, the sellers are more likely to generate higher revenue and also to reduce overall returns. Customers will have more confidence in their purchases as well as in the marketplace, and they’ll ultimately be more likely to become repeat customers.

At PhotoRobot, our goal is to provide studios with product imagery tools and solutions not only to produce consistent, high-quality photos but also to save time and costs on photoshoots, image post processing, and data storage and management.

Laptop screen displaying bicycle shopping page.

Product imagery from the studio, to the customer, to sales

No matter the size of the project, PhotoRobot’s catalogue of hardware, software, and data management tools is designed to help photographers capture the perfect still shots, 360 degree product photography, and photogrammetry 3D models of products of any size in record time. 

We believe the future of e-commerce product photography is in tools that will cut costs and save time on more routine tasks like file management and content delivery.  When you can do this, you provide photographers with more time to focus on what they love -- the more creative elements of the photoshoot, from lighting to product positioning and setting the ideal scene. 

Our tools are not only designed for professional photographers either. Even “amateur” photographers can benefit from PhotoRobot solutions, as our software allows for category presets that can be applied to a wide range of product photoshoots. 

These presets allow the photographer to automate repeatable tasks, from triggering camera shutters and strobe lighting to controlling table rotation and more, all to help photographers produce consistent high-quality photos with items of similar size, shape, and transparency.  This is even true for 360 degree photography and 3D modeling, which, thanks to developments in automation technology, have never been easier or more affordable to master. 

360 Degree Photography Solutions

With 360 degree photography and 3D modeling for ecommerce, the aim is clear: give customers more, sell more. Online shoppers of today want that in-store shopping experience. They want to imagine holding a product in their hands, spinning it around, and viewing it from various angles before making a purchase.

When an online marketplace can provide this, not only do shoppers feel more confidence in their purchases but they are also less likely to return products, ultimately generating higher revenue for the marketplace. 360 degree photos and 3D spin models are as realistic as you can get in a digital format, allowing you to showcase products from all angles and zooms in a fun and interactive way. Shoppers will be able to zoom into amazing detail and spin products any way they want, just as they would if shopping in person. Again, give more, sell more. 

Discover more on automated eCommerce product photography

It’s never been easier to produce high-volume, high-quality product photos. At PhotoRobot, our support specialists are ready to help equip any sized studio with the equipment they need for the job. We have detailed documentation for IT teams and ready support to ensure the zero-friction integration of PhotoRobot solutions into your studio. 

Reach out to us to find out how you can shoot more and work less. Our mission is to help you improve your studio workflow and meet your targets quicker and easier, all thanks to PhotoRobot hardware and automation software.