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Product Photoshoots with PhotoRobot’s CASE 850

Find our latest video for product photoshoots with PhotoRobot’s CASE 850, and read more to discover what makes this solution so versatile.

Streamline Product Photoshoots with PhotoRobot’s CASE 850

PhotoRobot designed the CASE 850 to be a truly portable robotic workstation for product photoshoots. While much of the competition markets their hardware as “portable”, oftentimes these devices are just too small to do any meaningful work.

With the CASE 850, you get far more. This robotic workstation is compact in size, extremely mobile and equally effective for high-quality product photoshoots. Its design makes it suitable for nearly any product photography setup, eCommerce studio, online shop, warehouse or production hall.

Would you rather see the CASE 850 in action than read about it? Check out the video above. See how the CASE 850 can be packed or unloaded from its protective case in a matter of minutes. Discover its easy setup, and learn how the CASE streamlines product photoshoots. 

Want to learn more about the CASE’s technical specifications, installation, and functionality? This post is for you. If looking for even more info, see our previous post on automated 360 product photography and product photoshoots with PhotoRobot’s CASE 850.

The unique design features of PhotoRobot’s CASE 850

The CASE 850 is small enough to load into a personal car, but still large enough for product photoshoots of medium size objects. It’s a foldable, portable product photography workspace, designed from the ground-up to photograph objects up to the size of a backpack.

Inside the casing, you have everything you need to set up your robotic workspace. There is space inside for the glass plate, the background made of diffusion cloth, background holders, and other small accessories.

After setup, capture shadow-free packaging photography, 360 images and photos to generate eCommerce 3D models of products like shoes, handbags, and other medium size items. PhotoRobot_Controls provides complete control over the workstation, from plate rotation to lighting and cameras.

From delivery to setting up your workspace

When we ship the CASE 850 to you, it comes in a cardboard box with a custom pallet. Complete with the packaging, the CASE 850 weighs 85 kilos, while the machine itself weighs only 73 kilos. 

This means that while you can load it into a larger personal car, it’s better not to do it alone. (That is, unless you’re a professional bodybuilder of some kind.)

However, with assistance, the CASE 850 was made to be lifted and fit neatly into the trunk of a vehicle, with special protection for everything inside.

The hardware and accessories

After unboxing, the CASE 850 comes in a durable flight case. This flight case houses all of your important photography accessories securely inside. We have also equipped the case with wheels for easy mobility on flat surfaces from place-to-place.

Inside the CASE 850, there is space for the glass turntable, the diffuser background with rods to prop it up, and other small accessories. Transport everything safely on wheels to a suitable area for setup, and unload the flight case to get started.

Easy Setup: approximately 15 minutes

One of the key advantages of the CASE 850 is that you can set it up and be ready for product photoshoots in about 15 minutes. When setup is complete, the workstation remains relatively compact, even with the lighting setup and camera tripod.

You only need a floorspace of around 3x4m, which is enough for your on-location product photoshoots. When finished or packing up for another shoot, it only takes around 15 minutes to disassemble the CASE 850, load it, and make it mobile again.

Product photoshoots with the CASE 850

When conducting product photoshoots with the CASE 850, you can take still photos and 360s with one or two vertical angles. If you need a 90-degree top view, we have additional machines for that as well.

The optical glass plate of the turntable is 850mm in diameter, and can photograph objects weighing up to 20kg. It has a max width of 50cm, and a max height of 70cm. All of this without creating any visual shadows.

If you would like shadows in your images, you can add a second transparent layer on the rotating plate. This will create the effect you’re looking for, providing a subtle shadow to emphasize your product.

The diffusion cloth background

Another important element of the CASE 850 is its white background made of diffusion cloth. It’s a similar material to the front part of a photographic light box. Fix the background in position with removable holding rods. You can also remove these rods should you need more room around the workspace for your product photoshoots.

Power, precision, and stability

Now, what about the power and precision of the CASE 850? Despite being compact, this workspace is still incredibly powerful. Two motors mounted opposite each other drive the rotation of the glass plate for greater stability and dynamic properties.

These motors run at 12V and 5A. This makes it possible to complete an entire 360-degree rotation in 2,1 seconds. If you need a very slow rotation, it can also slow down to a crawl, completing the turn in as many as 4,5 minutes.

Then, as is standard with PhotoRobot hardware, you have rubber rings on the spindles that are user replaceable. The pressure is adjustable, and during the product photography process the position of the turntable is checked 1000 times per second with the precision of 1 degree.

All of this is possible thanks to the decoder wheel and an optical sensor with auto calibration functions. The machine is held together by an aluminum space frame, with the high rigidity important for minimizing vibrations during product photoshoots.

The electronics and control unit

As for the system’s electronics and control unit, these are at the bottom section of the hardware. Here you have all the important electronics, including the control unit which is the heart of the entire setup.

We have a cross laser that points up from the control center as well. This makes it simple and easy to find the absolute center of products, every time. 

And while we recommend using a LAN cable to connect to the network, the CASE 850 can even generate its own Wi-Fi hotspot. This gives you the ability to photograph on-the-go, and do product photoshoots in locations where you might not have access to a LAN network.

Additional accessories for your product photoshoots

The CASE 850 also supports a range of accessories for product photoshoots. There are built-in support legs for extra stability. Adjust these using an Allen key, which is conveniently located in a magnetic compartment near the legs.

Also, you can mount sockets to ports in the CASE for using additional accessories. Mount reflection boards, or even add a custom portal above the machine to suspend accessories like a photographic tent.

The difference between the CASE 850 and the CASE 1300

When comparing the CASE 850 with the CASE 1300, there is one main difference: the size. The CASE 1300 is the “bigger brother” of the 850, and the 1300 can be expanded with PhotoRobot’s Robotic Arm.

This was designed for product photoshoots of even larger items, while still remaining portable. However, with the 1300, you will need a larger vehicle, like a van, for transportation of the machine from place to place.

Comparing the CASE to the Centerless Table

Finally, let’s compare PhotoRobot’s CASE to our industrial grade Centerless Table for product photoshoots. The difference between these two solutions is that the Centerless Table is designed to be a fixed installation rather than portable.

This machine aims to maximize productivity. It has a top structure that holds lights and other accessories, and runs at 48V and 10A for 8 times the power and a 40 kg load capacity.

While the Centerless Table makes a great addition to any warehouse or studio, the CASE is the obvious choice if you plan on traveling with your machine. It’s also a budget-friendly entry point into the world of product photography.

Discover more automated product photography solutions

Looking for more information? Perhaps you’re ready to book a live demo? Contact PhotoRobot today. One of our technical strategists is ready and waiting to introduce you to all of our many solutions for your product photoshoots.