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PhotoRobot’s Case for Automated 360 Product Photography

The Case for automated 360 product photography is a robotic workstation, compact in size to fit into nearly any space and extremely mobile for easy transport. Its design makes it suitable for use in all photography studios, online shops, warehouses or production halls. Pack or unpack the workstation from its protective case in a matter of minutes, benefit from its easy set up, and capture 360-degree product photography with all the robotic-process automation and image post-processing features clients expect of PhotoRobot.

The Case: a Portable, Robotic Workstation for Automated 360 Product Photography

PhotoRobot’s Case for automated 360 product photography of small to medium size items is a portable workstation to support a transparent glass rotary table for object photography. Its design makes it especially compact and easily portable, as well as quick and easy to set up in any available space. 

Automated 360 product photography workstation

Use PhotoRobot_Controls to control the workstation from the plate rotation’s to the lighting and cameras. Operators can even automate repeatable tasks for 360 photography of objects of similar size, shape, or transparency. With the Case and PhotoRobot’s control software, even amateurs can capture professional-looking 360 product photos with confidence and ease.

Easy Setup in Any Small Space Available

360 product photography turntable, lights and camera

Build a small studio for automated 360 product photography anywhere with little hassle or effort. Everything is secure in the protective case, from the glass rotary plate to the diffuse background and the supporting arcs (available in two sizes) for carrying cameras. All it takes is 15 minutes to build a workstation, and you’ll have a rotary turntable that provides a sufficiently large work surface for capturing high-quality 360-degree photos of your products.

Highly Portable and Compact

Compact photo equipment carrying case

Designed for portability, the Case can be packed, unpacked, or transported anywhere it’s needed in a matter of minutes. There’s no concern about damaging the robot or any of the photography equipment, as its protective case is durable and firmly secures everything inside. It’s even compact enough to fit into any car and transport in between locations, making it a truly mobile 360 product photography workstation.

Compact yet Sufficiently Large

850 mm optical glass plate turntable

Despite its compact design, the Case’s 850 mm diameter rotary plate provides sufficient work surface for 360 product photography of small to medium size objects. It’s great for shooting products like handbags and apparel, or even complex reflective items such as in jewelry product photography. The plate is translucent so cameras can capture photos from all angles, from top to bottom, all in a single rotation.

Everything Packed in a Single Case

Complete photography turntable solution

From the optical glass plate and the diffuse background, to the arcs for camera support and the tools for precise remote control of the robot, the Case truly is everything in a single case for automated 360 product photography. 

Transparent optical glass for capturing photos from underneath

Motor-driven turntable photography device

With 360 product photography, a glass plate serves the purpose of allowing photographers to capture photos of a product from all angles, including from the bottom looking up. Cameras must capture photos underneath the object, as well as from top angles and from all sides during rotation. The Case’s glass plate is therefore a hardened, high-transparency optical glass which is precisely positioned in a system of pulleys for accurate, consistent and smooth operation.

Built-in cross laser positioning

Laser-guided object positioning system

The Case also features a built-in cross laser system to facilitate operators in finding the center of rotation for every product. Meanwhile, the rotation covers 360 degrees of the object in 2.1 seconds, all while an operator sets the cameras to trigger and capture all angles of the product. This is especially beneficial for automating 360 product photography, as accuracy is critical to ensure automation functionality and to limit the need for post image processing afterwards.

Diffuse background for capturing the perfect lighting

White photography diffuse background

The optical glass plate and the diffuse background enable the lighting of the object from all sides. This means the Case can naturally create high-quality 360-degree photographs on a pure white background, nearly eliminating the need for post image processing. Supported by an intuitive web interface to automate the process, the Case provides operators with precise control over the robot, shutter release and even smart functions like automatic background removal.

Responsive web interface for precise control

Photo editing automation user interface

PhotoRobot’s control suite and automation software is available and responsive on any device. You can use the software on MAC and Windows, while the UI is web-based and can be operated using any browser, from iOS to Android or Windows Mobile. Control machine movements, save and work with settings, manage the capture process and more. 

Compatible with all PhotoRobot robots for automated 360 product photography, PhotoRobot_Controls provides savings in time and an advantage over the competition thanks to its higher quality image output.  

Never compromise quality for efficiency, achieve both

Orange high-heel shoe on workstation turntable

At PhotoRobot, we design our equipment for 360 / 3D product photography like the Case to suit the wide range of photography needs for companies in any sales operation, whether it’s for online retail, a small webshop, e-commerce or industrial-scale product photography. 

The Case for automated 360 photography is also available in an additional bigger brother size, in the form of the Case 1300. Originally a custom build for Carl Zeiss AG, this version of the Case is for more specific needs in the studio, such as for connection with a robotic arm and use for photogrammetry 3D modeling. As PhotoRobot’s Case and other Frame family machines can be used to photograph objects from the bottom, clients often use these solutions to quickly and easily create 3D models.

Our robotic solutions and automation software can capture high-quality 360 product photography for items of any size, from smaller objects like rings and jewelry to cars and heavy machinery. To learn more, dive into our blog for further reading or reach out to one of our specialist technicians for a free consultation today.