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360 Degree Spin Photography of Dirt Bikes and Quads

See PhotoRobot turntables in action in this article featuring 360 degree spin photography of dirt bikes and quads by Buffler.

Buffler Dirt Bikes and Quads in 360 Degree Spin Photography

In this post, we’re featuring 360 degree spin photography of dirt bikes and quads by Buffler. This client is a Czech manufacturer of ATVs, childrens’ ATVs, scooters, and rickshaws. Buffler’s CEO, Radek Michalčík, needed 360 degree spin photography of their dirt bikes and children’s quads. 

Buffler knows that 360 product photography increases customer engagement. Further, they came to PhotoRobot knowing we can photograph larger items that many systems on the market would encounter problems with. 

For us, this photoshoot was the perfect opportunity to show off our high-torque Turning_Platform. We even created a video of the entire photoshoot, which you can watch below, and we wrote this post to provide more information.

Enjoy the quick video above, and keep reading to discover more on 360 degree spin photography of dirt bikes and quads with PhotoRobot automated product photography equipment.

On Location: the Photography Studio

For the location of our product photoshoot of Buffler dirt bikes and quads, we hosted at the PhotoRobot Showroom. We don’t often operate our showroom as a photography studio, however for this photoshoot we made an exception.

The hero of this photoshoot is the high-torque version of the Turning_Platform. Its extensive range of accessories and PhotoRobot automation software makes it highly effective at photographing heavy objects, like dirt bikes and quads.

Further, the Turning_Platform can take hundreds of photos in an instant, and immediately publish 360s to the web. Also, this model features the_Catwalk, which we normally use for creating virtual fashion shows, but it’s covered and protected for this shoot.

To protect it, we have an additional layer of fiber board on top, so there’s no worry the treadmill will get damaged. Now, we can focus on the Turning_Platform, and begin photographing dirt bikes and quads.

The High Torque Version of the Turning_Platform

So, what makes the Turning_Platform so special for 360 degree spin photography of dirt bikes and quads? Let’s look at its technical specifications to find out more.

Spin photography platform for quads and bikes

This version of the platform has a 1500 kg load capacity, with the rotating plate at 280 cm diameter. With this high-torque, larger version, we have the perfect setup for photographing Bufler dirt bikes and children’s quads.

Now, we’re using our standard setup for 360 degree spin photography, along with FOMEI lighting and high-end Canon cameras. Beyond the above average load capacity, another unique feature is control via our proprietary control unit.

The control unit is a sophisticated, real-time processing computer. This provides us with many functions for automated product photography. It also provides one key feature for this particular photoshoot — non-stop spin and capture. 

Non-stop Spin vs other approaches

Unlike most systems on the market, PhotoRobot utilizes a non-stop spin and capture mode. This is crucial for our process of photographing dirt bikes and quads, providing greater results and significant savings in time.

Taking 360-degree photography in studio

With other systems, oftentimes the turntable pauses in order to take each picture (or two, if using the free-masking approach). The turntable then has to accelerate and move into the next position before cameras can take more photos.

Not only is this approach much slower, with some items it is downright impractical to accelerate and decelerate all the time. 

PhotoRobot’s approach, on the other hand, involves rotating the quads and dirt bikes 360-degrees non-stop. Meanwhile, the strobe lighting triggers and cameras are constantly taking photos, with the photoshoot complete in a matter of several seconds. 

Simultaneous Post processing and Publishing

What is more, in the time it takes to capture photos 360 degrees around the product, we’re simultaneously post processing and publishing.

Product page spinviewer on desktop

This includes background removal, making the images perfectly match the white background of Buffler’s website. Time-to-web is significantly reduced, while all images are delivered in perfect 360 spins of the photographed dirt bikes and quads.

By the end of our photoshoot, we’ve created 360 spins of 10 childrens’ quads, 1 full-size adult quad, and 2 dirt bikes. Each of these took slightly over a minute from the moment we placed the product on the turntable. 

PhotoRobot | Faster, Easier, Streamlined

Whether you need to bring product photography in house, or streamline your existing workflows, PhotoRobot is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a free 1:1 consultation with one of our technical specialists to discover more.

We’ll show you that no matter the size or volume of the product photography, we have solutions to meet any demand. From 360 degree spin photography of dirt bikes and quads, to cars, heavy machinery, and more, PhotoRobot does the job.