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PhotoRobot’s Catwalk for Apparel Photography and Online Fashion Shows

Thanks to PhotoRobot’s Virtual Catwalk, clients can transform any small space available into a professional-looking studio for apparel photography and online fashion shows. The Catwalk allows operators to capture 360° photos of live models, film content for product videos, or develop buzz-worthy virtual and augmented reality product presentations. All with only standard studio lighting. Keep reading to find out how to enrich your apparel photography and create remarkable online fashion shows with a virtual catwalk in the studio.

An Infinite Runway for Photographing and Filming Models

PhotoRobot’s Catwalk for apparel photography and online fashion shows is a solution for in-house photoshoots of live models. Its design as well as PhotoRobot’s suite of control and automation software makes the Virtual Catwalk the perfect robot for any studio looking to produce 360° product photography of apparel on a live model, film models for product videos, or enrich product content with virtual or augmented reality experiences.

Presentation in motion 

Virtual catwalk for online fashion shows

With the Virtual Catwalk, you can create a professional-looking fashion show quickly and effectively with only a very small space and standard studio lighting. PhotoRobot designed the Catwalk so that models can safely and easily walk on a moving belt while a platform simultaneously rotates. The cameras remain trained in place, resulting in a video with a flying camera effect. Additionally, the workstation is suitable for common 360° photography of live models, or operators can shoot objects when the belt is not in operation.

Taking fashion shows online in 2020 and beyond

Digital fashion show display on laptop

As 2020 proved to the world when fashion weeks around the globe went mostly online, a professional fashion show can take place even in the world of online presentation. The likes of Chanel and Dior took to virtual catwalks, while leading designers across Europe and the US promoted their new lines of apparel in digital fashion shows as well as in virtual and augmented reality. This has since inspired a new wave of online fashion shows and created even more demand for apparel and fashion photography equipment.

This is where PhotoRobot’s Virtual Catwalk for apparel photography and online fashion shows provides all the tools necessary for photographing clothing and apparel on live models and for effective automation in the studio. Impressive videos only need to last a few minutes, and the Catwalk makes it possible to shoot dozens of models for an entire digital fashion show all within a single day. Thanks to this simple piece of equipment, clients can confidently create a private fashion show for customers to view in the comfort of their own home.

A Catwalk for any space: customizable, secure, and portable

Model walking on catwalk

The Catwalk is a machine for professional apparel and fashion photography, both cost-effective and tailored to the equipment needs of photographers and studios. It supports all the automation and control features as well as the quality in hardware and design that clients expect of PhotoRobot. 

Customizable to tailor to your needs

Virtual runway control panel

Operators can easily control belt speed and turntable rotation on the Catwalk so that they suit the model perfectly. This is thanks to the massive drive of the machine, which also allows for smooth adjustment of the start and stop to ensure maximum safety and support. Settings can be saved at any time and used again and again as a “scenario” for recording. These scenarios save both the rotation and the belt speed, any adjustments for the model when starting or stopping, gentle control of acceleration as well as reversals in direction and much more!

Easy and safe entry and exit

Technical specifications for easy and safe entry

One of PhotoRobot’s top priorities for the Virtual Catwalk for apparel photography and online fashion shows was safety. We designed the turntable especially with this in mind, aiming to reinforce it with a strong system of supports for maximum stability both in and out of motion. The wide plate is also secured with supports which serve for easy entry to and exit from the platform. 

Hassle-free transport

Diagram of catwalk platform

The Catwalk’s versatile design means that clients can easily transport the robot from one location to the next. Simply fit it with an undercarriage with a stabilization cross, and you can easily lift it in a single movement and quickly relocate it to a different place in the studio.

Adjustable to better meet the dimensions of any workspace

Photo studio with model, lights, and runway

Conversely, the Catwalk can exist in the studio as a fixed installation. Clients can install it sunk into the floor, making the working area completely level with the ground. When installed this way, all of the photography equipment can remain in place, as any issues relating to background, lighting or lack of space are easily eliminated and resolved. The belt can also be removed so that the robot can be used for capturing 360° images even in RotoPower mode.

PhotoRobot control and automation software

Photo editing software

Finally, the Catwalk wouldn’t be complete without PhotoRobot’s suite of software for control and automation. Remotely control the entire workplace (from robots to cameras, lighting and more), manage workflow and enjoy the benefits of effective automation in image post-processing.

Realistic, high-quality apparel photography & online fashion shows with the Virtual Catwalk

Create stunning product videos or realistic eCommerce 3D models for apparel and online fashion shows like the video above, or enhance your product content even more with virtual and augmented reality. Especially with ongoing developments in CGI, 3D design, image capture and body mapping, there is emerging potential and a new trend coming in digital, virtual and augmented reality fashion shows. 

As an additional bonus, you can use a solid plate to cover the Catwalk and make the machine immediately ready to capture standard spin photography of an object. It’s also possible to easily transport the robot across the studio utilizing a built-in chassis, or, conversely, the Catwalk can be completely removed from the floor and used for storage elsewhere, with enough room inside to safely secure any accessories like the table or the large plate.

To learn more about how PhotoRobot can help you gain a foothold in this rapidly evolving market, reach out to us today for a free consultation with one of our specialist technicians to update you on all of the solutions we have available for 360 product photography.