How it works

Achieve high-quality photography in just three simple steps.


Spin set photos

Take sets of spin photos
in just eight seconds

Product photos are fast, precise and automated, which makes them easy to shoot using PhotoRobot technology. The | controls software remotely manages the workplace – robots, camera and lights. Nothing is built-in – the modular design ensures there is a solution for any product portfolio. An unparalleled high quality can be achieved because there are no limits on the camera resolution. Because speed and quality matter.


The only software for managing the whole studio

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With its modern and intuitive design, the | controls software automates post-processing tasks thanks to extremely efficient and unique functions such as automatic background removal, chroma key masking and DOF stacking. Presets save time and make your work fun. Creating high-quality product imagery has never been so quick and easy.

Our software


Software on devices and print

Display the image on any device or print it

Irrespective of whether you choose to publish spins or pack shots only, the high-quality images can be used online, where the customers can zoom in to view every detail, as well as in printed catalogues, magazines or outdoor ads. With advanced export features (such as colour management and many more), your customers can view them in just a few clicks.

Our robots can handle a wide range of products
from small ring to a large car, and they are suitable for most industries.