Customisable modular system for any kind of product photography

No two snowflakes are alike

Each online shopping business is unique, with its own individual imaging needs. Tailor-made products are not cost-effective, while standardised all-in-one photo booths limit users. This makes a modular system the best solution. We offer both an individual approach and reasonable pricing.

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Each spin photo consists of hi-res images that can be used individually both online and offline. It’s also possible to shoot individual photos from predefined positions (for example three per product) without creating a spin photo. Automation saves time in either scenario.

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Simple spin photography, usually comprising 36 photos taken from various points around the object with the camera in one stable position. This is a standard solution for many objects which are sold online and have simple shapes.

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Combined spin image consisting of several 360° photo sets, taken from multiple top-view levels. Suitable for more complex products, where a view of the object from above brings added value to your customers.

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Photos are taken during one rotation of the object, while the camera height is changed to show all of the necessary detail in one level spin.

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Each spin set is essentially a series of photos taken of various points around the object from different angles of view. It can be modified at any time by adjusting the scene settings (opening the product, altering its position, etc.). This provides you with unlimited creative possibilities.

Robots are ideal for shooting product videos using continuous rotation. However, the specially designed Virtual Catwalk is custom-designed for professional fashion videos with live models.

Benefit from sophisticated system features

Speed and Productivity

Start/stop and in-motion ( -–non-stop) modes are available for shooting. A set of photos for one spin image can be taken in just a few seconds.


Both professional photographers with years of experience and camera operators can benefit from our system. PhotoRobot doesn't limit creativity and is easy to use.

Multiplatform and mobile software

Our tailor-made _Controls software manages the whole workplace, ensuring high-quality batch post-processing and an effective workflow.

Unique lighting techniques

Light holders are positioned far enough away from the background that photos are of the highest quality. The back and bottom lighting is perfect for automatic background removal.


It usually takes more time to position an object in the centre of rotation than to shoot it. Thanks to lasers or overlay photos in live-view mode, it’s fast and easy to place the product precisely.

High-quality construction

Heavy-duty, durable and reliable robots are suitable even for multi-shift work in industrial environments.

Designed with every detail in mind

We can provide intelligent suspension options for various objects, feet and wheel switches, software presets, etc. Because smart details help you to work effectively and with pleasure.

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