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7 Advantages to 360 Product Viewers for your Website

Almost any business with an online presence and products to sell can realize significant advantages from deploying a 360-degree product viewer. The latest advances in product viewing technology, including options for both hosted and non-hosted solutions, make it not only easier but also more budget-friendly for businesses to create immersive and informative product visualizations that sell. Keep reading to discover the advantages of using a 360-degree product viewer for your webpage and for your online retail.

How to deploy a 360-degree product viewer on an ecommerce website

360-degree product viewers offer a wide range of advantages for websites and e-commerce on both the business and the consumer level. There are hosted viewers (via a third-party platform) and non-hosted viewers (which integrate directly onto a website). Both provide viable solutions, and they allow companies to create immersive, detail-rich and informative product experiences. 

360-degree presentation vs static product photos

Specifically, product viewers provide advantages in everything from product presentation to customer satisfaction, conversions, engagement and time-to-market. Further, these benefits can extend to buyer’s confidence, reducing returns and significantly boosting overall revenue. Let’s zoom in closer, moving onto 7 of the most noteworthy advantages to 360 product viewers for your website and online retail.

7 Advantages to Using a 360-Degree Product Viewer

If a picture can convey 1000 words, imagine what an interactive experience through a 360 product viewer can accomplish. Image viewing software like PhotoRobot's enables businesses to host 360 spins with hot spots, eCommerce product galleries, panoramic shots and more - all on a single page.

1 - Trends from traditional in-store shopping to e-commerce

Even before the major shift to e-commerce influenced by Covid-19, there was a strong trend growing in online shopping. The need for high-quality imagery was there, and now it’s here more than ever. Thus, the most important aspect in eCommerce photography has become the ability to replicate the in-store shopping experience online. 

360 spin product viewer on mobile interface.

Consumers want to see as many images of a product as possible before making a purchase, and they expect to view products from all angles and with deep fields of zoom. 360 spin photography, spin videos, and eCommerce 3D models, allow businesses to meet these demands and more.  

2 - Boosting customer satisfaction

The next advantage to deploying a 360 product viewer on your website is the level of customer satisfaction it generates. A spin image allows consumers to not only manipulate products on the fly and zoom into rich detail, it more importantly makes them feel they are in control of the entire experience. This provides a level of comfort that simply does not exist with in-store shopping, allowing consumers time to carefully consider products before making a decision for themself. All without any sales representative or vendor pressuring them to do so. 

3 - Decreasing overall returns

Another advantage inherent to 360 product viewers is their positive influence on product returns and boosting overall revenue. With the information consumers receive from a product viewer, they are much more likely to be accurately informed about the product and thus make more confident purchases. This in turn leads to less overall returns and less expenses for businesses, as product returns can be not only costly but also time-consuming and inconvenient for both the consumer and the vendor.

4 - Increasing conversions

Zoom into coding behind footwear product page.

Boosting conversion rates in e-commerce is at the top of the priority list for business managers. One way to do this is through SEO strategies, strong website designs and extensive advertising and marketing campaigns. Nonetheless, to see any significant progress in conversions, your product presentation is crucial. The more exciting and rewarding the product experience, the more likely you are to firstly attract viewers to your website, and secondly to peak their interest potentially enough to trigger a purchase.

5 - Enhanced product presentation

Orange motorcycle front-view beside detailed zoom.

Beyond the long list of benefits to using professional product photography for websites, product viewers enhance product presentation with accurate, detail-rich and helpful information. This can be for example viewing the full dimensions of a product from top to bottom, such as shoes, or even viewing 360-degrees of a luxury item like jewellery, watches, high-end furniture or automobiles. When all it takes is a click and a drag to view a product from all angles and zooms, there are few better ways to present your product.

6 - Reduced time-to-market

Reducing product imagery time-to-market.

The majority of 360 product viewers begin with a 3D model, and this opens up a lot of opportunities for what you can do with product content. 3D models allow businesses to take a single model and multiply it into hundreds of different product iterations of various colors, designs, textures and more. This makes it possible to visualize products even before beginning production. It also allows for valuable market testing and product research, as well as B2B presentations to define consumer’s needs before manufacturing the product. 

7- Amplified engagement

3D model hightop sneaker viewed on desktop monitor.

Finally, the simple fact of the matter with 360 product viewers is that they’re modern technology and they excite consumers. Visitors to your website have an active role in the experience like never before, allowing them on-the-fly customization choices and introducing them to a completely unique and new way to shop. Further, for businesses, this increases on-page time, engagement, and can also provide valuable insights into consumer behavior and interaction with different products and models.

The bottom line

Spin photography, 3D models, and 360 product viewers on websites are today’s solution for boosting performance in e-commerce. At PhotoRobot, we specialize in product photography and product photography solutions, including hardware and software for control and automation of photoshoots, image processing, file storage, and direct publishing to the web.

To learn about 360 product viewers for your website or to speak with one of PhotoRobot’s technical strategists about all the solutions available for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.