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Which Businesses Need a 360 Product Viewer

There are several factors you can use to determine when your e-commerce business needs a 360 product viewer. While some businesses might be more ready than others, nearly any company with an online presence can benefit from deploying a product viewer. This is particularly relevant to vendors of highly complex, technical or luxury products, as well as for growing brands and businesses who already have 3D models. Read on to discover if your business is ready for a 360 product viewer, and to learn who benefits most from using them.

Does my e-commerce business need a 360-degree product viewer?

The advantages to image viewers for 360 product photography are many, but finding the right time and the perfect software to invest in depends on a number of factors. Thankfully, there are a lot of different product viewers available on the market to meet different needs. These range from those with limited customization options and features to those with full functionality for complete control over the look and feel of the product viewer on the website.

360 product viewing software is particularly effective for vendors of highly complex or technical products, as well as for those of luxury items and goods. They also serve as a valuable asset for growing e-commerce businesses, and for brands who have already begun utilizing 3D models in their product marketing strategies. Product viewers help companies who need to spice up their online presence, and they are a tool that becomes highly scalable and versatile in any e-commerce business model. 

Which businesses benefit most from 360 product viewers?

Graphic of monitor showing 360-degree interaction.

Bearing in mind that different product viewers will be more advantageous to some e-commerce businesses than for others, let’s look now at which companies will benefit most and more immediately. 

Does your retail involve highly complex, technical, or luxury products?

With complex or technical products like appliances, electronics, and machinery, 360-degree product showcases are an effective way to provide consumers with helpful, actionable information. The same is true for luxury items such as jewellery, watches, automobiles, recreational vehicles and robotics. All of these product categories greatly benefit from advanced and highly-informative product experiences. 

Products like these tend to be considerably expensive purchases, ones which consumers might rather do in-person. This makes it crucial to replicate the in-store shopping experience as much as possible in the online product experience. The goal is to ease the shopper’s concerns and trigger confident purchases, which in turn leads to less costly and time-consuming returns when a product doesn’t live up to the consumer’s expectations.

Is your business operating exclusively online?

Viewing products in 360 degrees on multiple devices.

If your business operates exclusively online, your product content is often as equally important to generating sales as the product itself. When consumers can’t inspect a product in-hand, to feel confident enough to make a purchase they need to obtain as much information from the online experience as they would from in-store shopping. 

Product viewers are one way for businesses to accomplish this, allowing for detail-rich product spins, high-resolution zoom capabilities, and more immersive product content overall. 360 product viewers also provide businesses with a means to achieve consistency in visual content across all channels where their products appear. This makes the brand look not only more professional but also more reliable, two essential elements to boosting revenue in online retail.

Are you a growing brand looking for more revenue and investment?

Graphic showing scalability of 360 product viewers.

Another way to leverage 360 product viewers is for growing brands and businesses looking to boost revenue or to obtain important investments. Product viewers are cost-effective and logistically smart, especially for new businesses who need an affordable way to present their entire range of products online. In this regard, they make for a valuable tool for boosting brand awareness as well as for introducing growing businesses to potential investors and partners.

Do you already have 3D product models?

3D wire model of watch for sale online.

Finally, if your business is already utilizing eCommerce 3D models or has 360-degree product photography, you are more ready than most to start using a 360 product viewer. With today’s product viewing software, you can further enhance any 3D models you have on-hand to include every side and angle of the product, or also to create 3D product visualization videos. Enhance the experience even further with product customization options, and consumers can explore products in different colors, textures, sizes and more on-the-fly through the product viewer.

How to find the best 360 product viewer for your business

When you decide your business needs a 360 product viewer, there are a number of places you can begin looking. What viewing software best meets your needs, however, will depend on the stage of your business, the type of products you sell, and your overall business model.

Monitors showing spin viewers and 3D product configurators.

At PhotoRobot, helping companies present their products online in rich detail is only one of our areas of expertise. First and foremost, we design automated studio photography solutions through hardware and software for in-house product photography. These include all the equipment necessary to simplify and capture remarkable 360-degree product images, scan for 3D models, and to ultimately streamline workflow for photoshoots of products of any size. 

If you want to learn more about 360 product viewers to meet your business needs, PhotoRobot can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation on product viewers or to learn more about our solutions for product photography.