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Beyond the Price: PhotoRobot’s Value to Product Photography

Discover the long-term value, scalability, and versatility of PhotoRobot solutions for product photography studios and photoshoots.

Product Photography Studio Solutions: PhotoRobot vs the Rest

Our clients often do a lot of research before choosing their product photography equipment. It might be for equipping a professional photography studio, a small warehouse, or even industrial scale operations. 

For this reason, PhotoRobot solutions are flexible, customizable, and various to meet the wide ranging needs of product photographers. No matter the product photography (jewellery, luggage, motorcycles, cars, even clothes on live fashion models), PhotoRobot has the tools.

PhotoRobot takes a new approach to traditional product photography techniques, accompanying hardware with software for control and automation. Our robots include motorized turntables, robotic camera arms, portable devices, mannequins, and accessories. Control and automate robots, cameras, photography, post processing, publishing, and more. 

It sounds like a lot, and to be honest, it is. It also often leads to many questions about PhotoRobot. In this post, we’ll answer the most common FAQs about PhotoRobot pricing, and help you discover everything inside our customizable packages.

FAQ #1: What is the exact price of this or that robot?

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is about the pricing of our robots. And while we can provide estimates, it isn’t always as easy as saying this robot comes at this exact price. Rather, prices are tailored to each individual client and installation.

This is due to many factors. First, we need to be sure that the robot the client is considering is the best solution for their needs. It might also be the case that the client requires custom modifications, which sometimes moves the price up or down.

Then, we have to consider areas like setup and installation, training, and the geographic location of the client. Absolutely none of these are an issue for us, but they do play into the final price of each piece of hardware.

Question #2: What comes standard in a PhotoRobot package?

As soon as we know exactly why and what clients need from PhotoRobot, we then help plan how to realize these goals. This always involves firstly choosing the best product photography solution (at the best price) for the job.

Next, we create a detailed schedule for installation, onboarding, training, support, and transport. PhotoRobot ships globally, and can be installed on-site fully operational

We integrate company systems with the hardware and software, and offer many other services to make life easier for clients. Our team of technical specialists will ensure all staff receive necessary training also on-location.  

Likewise, included in the pricing is the comfort of regular support from PhotoRobot. In the end, we expect clients will be using our solutions for many years to come, and we plan on supporting them every step of the way.

FAQ #3: Why choose PhotoRobot over the competition?

Obviously, if just starting with product photography, there are extremely basic solutions like $5 motorized turntables from Amazon, or the Lazy Susan. While great for learning basic principles of spin photography, they don’t make the job any easier.

Then, you have PhotoRobot’s competition in product photography solution providers. Some competitors offer solutions at bargain-bin prices. However, they fail to live up to expectations after you have their product in-house. They claim to be all-in-one, long-term solutions, but are often very limiting compared to PhotoRobot.

Where PhotoRobot really pays off in ROI is here. All of our hardware is built durable and sturdy for long-term usability and easy maintenance. PhotoRobot packages are highly customizable, and we also let you see exactly what you’re getting in-house before you make a decision.

Keep in mind, it isn’t the hardware and software we’re selling. It’s the overall solution. And while we do produce hardware, software, and firmware, we do this all in mutual cooperation with clients to create the perfect solution for them. This way we can meet expected results (including production and post-processing times, speed, quality, and more) — all working around clients’ ideas, goals, and budget.

The Bottomline

In the end, we know all of our clients are considering ROI. This is why we design solutions for long-term usability, functionality, and scalability. Our tools are constantly evolving and under active development, both internally and with our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about product photography solutions or book a PhotoRobot demo for yourself, contact us today. We’ll show you how PhotoRobot streamlines workflows, reduces time to web, and makes it easy even for amateurs to produce excellent product photos. 

No more hiring out various teams, or outsourcing work. Discover how to handle all of your product photography easily, effectively, and in-house with PhotoRobot.